. Ark Theories

According to Hollywood

--The Warehouse v. 0.1
-Inspired by Raiders' depiction of the Ark's fate, this catalog of lost treasures stowed in a mysterious, albeit fictional, government warehouse contains such diverse artifacts as 2001's black monolith and Monty Python's literally Killer Joke.

According to the Church

--Ark of the Covenant, lost or found?
-ChristianAnswers.Net gives an overview of the theories on the Ark's final resting place.

--The Ark of the Covenant
-An article printed in the Baptist Bulletin in November 1984 describes the Ark itself with scriptural references, as well as several theories on its current whereabouts.

According to the Fringe

--Kaye Corbett of WorldNetDaily on the Ark
-In this five-part series, Corbett considers the theories on the final resting place of the true Ark, primarily focusing on Ethiopian claims. He also promises a new book on the subject, The Last Emporer of the Ark, following an October 1999 expedition to the country.

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--Legend of the Lost Ark Lives On in Africa
-Christian Science Monitor (May 14, 1998), gives a even-handed, though clearly skeptical, account of the Ethiopian Christian belief that the Ark of the Covenant currently resides in Axum, Ethiopia.

--On Graham Hancock's Ark Theory
-A few thoughtful posts to sci.archaeology (circa March 1995) summarize and discuss the Ark theory put forth by Graham Hancock in his 1992 book, entitled The Sign and the Seal.

--The Enigmatic Fate of the Ark
-Here Richard Shand has compiled a collection of quotations from biblical, historical and analytical texts, some of questionable pedigree, charting the Ark's course through human history.

--Ark of the Covenant
-Richard Shand's complete collection of articles on the subject of the Ark.


--The Allegory of the Ark
-Another of Richard Shands lists of quotes which seem to suggest the Grail is in fact a stone of meteoric origin, as supposedly the contents of the Ark of the Covenant are.

--Allegories of the Holy Grail
-Richard Shand's collection of articles on the Holy Grail.

--The Holy Grail
-Mariano Tomatis provides a comprehensive site covering all aspects of the Holy Grail, from theories on its current location to its depiction in popular media.

--The Tsohar
-An interesting article from an unknown author speaks of "a light which has its origins in a shining crystal" which was used to illuminate Noah's Ark during the dark days of the Great Flood. One can't help but wonder whether the Sankara Stones of the Temple of Doom may be Judeo-Christian artifacts after all...

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