. Indyfan Art Showcase 2001: Raiders of the Lost Art

After last year's extraordinary art contest (the results of which are still available for viewing), we decided to follow up with something that could inspire the same creativity, but with a more timely touch. This June brings the 20th anniversary of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and we want to do something to mark the momentous occasion.

And so we're putting on a NEW contest to celebrate the classic that started it all. This year's ART SHOWCASE is themed specifically towards celebrating RAIDERS: It's characters, the film, the filmmakers who made it, etc... Rather than last year's generic theme -- anything related to the world or characters of the Indiana Jones films, books, and series -- we're looking for artwork that is more celebratory of Indy's very first 1981 screen adventure.

Because of this, we felt a need to narrow the path of what should and should not be themed for the contest. This 2001 showcase is geared more specifically towards artwork with RAIDERS in mind, rather than TEMPLE OF DOOM, LAST CRUSADE, or TYIC. (After all, that's what anniversaries are for... TEMPLE and CRUSADE we'll give credit to in 2004 and 2009, respectively...)


We felt that it would be best to have an all-encompassing category for all kinds of artwork: illustrations, paintings, computer art, sculptures, you name it. In the event that the quality and number of entries are good enough to specify more specific categories (best computer art, best sculpture, most humorous, etc...) we'll reconsider. However, we do wish to still have a special citation aside for "Best Budding Artist's Work" for entrants under 17, as this allows younger Indyfans to have a fair shot at recognition.

Possible ideas include:

These are just food for thought. Once again, all artwork must be ENTIRELY ORIGINAL in design -- you can not include manipulated photos or images of other artists' works (this severely limits computer art, sad to say). Though we will consider original sculptures, custom made action figures are not qualifiable. Email us with any questions or comments, and we'll get back to you. (DON'T try reaching us by simply leaving a question posted on the Indyfan forum!)

Submission Details

All entries must be RECEIVED by midnight Friday, JUNE 1st, 2001. Winners will be announced on TUESDAY, JUNE 12th -- RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK's 20th anniversary!

Please include:

You may submit one of two ways: Email your entries as a generic JPEG format image:

To: indy@indyfan.com
Subject: Indyfan Art Showcase

or, mail a copy of the artwork to the following address:

Indyfan Art Showcase
501 E. Verdugo Ave., # 2
Burbank, CA 91501

Mailed artwork MUST be submitted as an 8x12" image or smaller. Nothing larger will be accepted. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK! It will not be accepted, and we are not responsible for it's return! Make a color photocopy instead. We're not responsible for any shipping charges, nor can we return any mailed entires.)

This contest is for entertainment purposes only, and is not affiliated with either Lucasfilm or Paramount Pictures. In submitting your work, we are given the right to showcase it within www.indyfan.com for non-profit entertainment purposes only.


This time we don't have a sponsor, so the prizes rely solely on our generosity and the generosity of other members of the Indyfan family. These are the announced prizes thus far:

If anyone else out there wants to contribute to this endeavour, contact us (indy@indyfan.com).

We will give the Best-Of-Show first choice, then depending on our collection of entries, we will categorize and dole out the remaining prizes.

Disney Prize

Although an individual may submit multiple entries, only one is eligible for a prize.

Judges: Micah Johnson and Adam McDaniel

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