. European Indy Novels

Information on French and German Indy-related publications
courtesy of John P. LaRocque (qstar14@fanshawec.on.ca)
There are at least two original French language Indiana Jones bandes desinies (BD). BD's are oversized hardcover graphic albums. They are from Bagheera Editeur (Paris). It is written/drawn by the team of C. Moliterni and G. Alessandrini. I suspect that they are done in several European languages, most probably including Italian.

Upcoming graphic novels include:

I have eight Wolfgan Hohlbein Indy books. He is a very popular German-language science fiction/fantasy author, including young adult novels, and has written at least eight of them, all published by Goldmann. Goldmann also publishes German-language translations of the American novels (Rob MacGregor, movie adaptaions).

The last two are also available in a combined double-volume.

Information on Dutch Indy-related publications
courtesy of Wilco Barg (wbarg@writeme.com)
The first ever release of a Indiana Jones paperback was the Raiders Of The Lost Arc release by Arcade (a Dutch printing and record company)

Since 1991 the Dutch printer A.W. Bruna Uitgevers bv have released almost all the titles of the Indiana Jones paperback series. Below is a list of all Dutch titles that have been released by this printer so far.

As you can see all movies and German (Hohlbein) paperbacks are enclosed. They started releasing the Rob MacGregor paperbacks in early 1994.

Beside those releases almost all the Young Indiana Jones TV series episodes have been released in paperback as well.

And last but not least a comics series was released during the eighties by printer Junior Press. The movies were released in a special movies series, which still runs. After that Junior Press released several comics . The titles are:

Indiana Jones: Filmspecials

Indiana Jones: Uitgeverij JuniorPress

Indiana Jones: Uitgeverij JuniorPress

  • Intrigue In A Nightclub / The Fortress of the Crystal Death
  • The Gold Goddess / The Devil's Cradle
  • The Fourth Nail / The Deathly Mountain
  • ?
The title of the fourth one is unknown or wasn't released ever. All are translated Marvel comics.

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