. Raiders of the Fallen Empire Excerpt

The following was posted to Dark Horizons on January 15, 1998, and was quickly removed. Apparently, Garth's source had not intended for him to post it.

It's probably another work of fan fiction, slyly presented as true in the tradition of Sons of Darkness, but it's fun to speculate.


"Raiders of the Fallen Empire" First Draft Script Segment

Written by: Garrett Black. Sent in by: Agent M



The familiar Paramount logo is the first thing we see. As the MAIN THEME begins, low on the soundtrack, we



START IN CLOSE on an ancient vase, depicting an expedition. At the center of the artwork in a mountain, the same shape and size as the Paramount logo.


PULL BACK TO REVEAL a girl in her early twenties holding the vase, studying it. She's pretty, lithe, athletic. There's a real rough and tumble quality to her, though. There's not much you'd call girly about KATHY DANIELS.

She rotates the vase so she can see the other side. The whole thing is one continuous picture, telling a story. In it, there is a party of travellers who seem to find something and bring it home with them.

The site they return to is distinct, a sheer rock wall over a wide, rocky expanse. As Kathy examines the vase, we continue to PULL BACK, revealing that she's standing in the exact spot depicted on the vase.

It's changed a little, though. For one thing, it's alive with activity. There are a number of trenches that have been dug into the area, a maze of them that stretch in all directions. This is a major dig of some sort.

Kathy begins to walk through the site, weaving her way around all the activity, her full attention focused on the vase. As she goes, we see that most of the GREEK WORKERS digging take note of her passage.

She reaches a rather sizable trench. There's no easy way across or around, so she carefully reaches down and puts the vase in, then jumps down herself.

There are two particularly large and sunweathered workers here. One of them has a SHAGGY BEARD, and the other is SHIRTLESS, with blistered, almost black skin. Both of them look up when Kathy jumps down into the trench.

She seems oblivious to them as she picks up the vase. Shaggy Beard looks at his friend, intent written all over his face. He smiles. Shirtless looks a little nervous, but follows suit, both of them setting down their picks.

Shaggy Beard starts down the trench, following Kathy, who's already on the move. She rounds a bend in the trench and realizes she's going the wrong way, towards a dead end. When she turns around, Shaggy Beard is right there.

He smiles at her, his teeth as gross and slimy as the rest of him.

SHAGGY BEARD (in Greek; subtitled) (What's the hurry, pretty girl?)

Kathy shakes her head, not understanding him.

KATHY Excuse me...

She goes to walk around him, and Shirtless suddenly appears, blocking her way.

Kathy understands this.

KATHY Okay... listen... I need to get to the main entrance, okay? I don't have time for this.

SHAGGY BEARD (in Greek; subtitled) (I think you'll make time.)

He reaches out and runs one rough hand across her cheek. She shudders as she pulls away, backing up. There's nowhere for her to go, though.

KATHY You're making a mistake.

SHIRTLESS (heavily accented) No mistake, miss.

Shirtless reaches in, cops a feel, and Kathy reacts without thinking: she swings the vase, connecting with Shirtless' head, hard.

The impact is enough to send Shirtless staggering back. Surprisingly, the vase doesn't break. Shirtless does, though... he pulls his hand away from his head and there's blood on it.

KATHY Now, I'm not kidding. Back off.

Shaggy Beard lashes out and knocks the vase to the ground, catching Kathy off-guard. Now they both move in closer, Shirtless flat-out angry at this point. Any hesitation he may have shown earlier is gone.

Just before things cross that final line, a shadow falls over the three of them. Both of the men look up.

Standing at the top of the trench, directly above them, is a man, silhouetted by the harsh midday sun. We can't see his face at all... about the only thing we can make out is the outline of a battered fedora.

MAN (in Greek; subtitled) (I think the lady is trying to say no, boys.)

SHAGGY BEARD (in Greek; subtitled) (Back off... you'll get your turn.)

Shaggy Beard reaches out and grabs Kathy by the neck, causing her to cry out. Big mistake.

So fast that we don't even really see it, the Man pulls something off his belt and makes a quick motion. There is a loud CRACK! and a bullwhip suddenly jerks Shaggy Beard's hand free.

Shaggy Beard yelps and jumps back, grabbing his freely bleeding wrist. Shirtless is already running back the way he came.

Kathy bends to retrieve her vase.

SHAGGY BEARD (in Greek; subtitled) (I didn't realize... I'm sorry... we were just fooling with her...)

MAN (in Greek; subtitled) (Fooling with my assistant, on my time, at my site, is a good way to get hurt, friend.)

Shaggy Beard takes the hint and runs off after Shirtless. Kathy looks up, squinting at the haloed figure as he reaches out, offering her a hand. She takes it, and he pulls her out...

... so she's face to face with INDIANA JONES himself.

KATHY Dr. Jones... thank you.

INDY When we're in the field, you can call me Indy. And... you're welcome.

They begin to walk, Kathy struggling to keep up with Indy.

KATHY I've been looking the vase over, and I have a pretty good idea where we should look for the entrance.

INDY You don't...

KATHY Wait. Just hear me out.

INDY It's...

KATHY I know I'm just a student, and I know this is my first dig, but if you give me a chance, I might actually be able to contribute something.

INDY (bemused) Okay. Please, Miss Daniels. Fire away.

KATHY When we're in the field, you can call me Kathy. Okay... (pointing at vase) It's obvious that this place opens into the earth. This is a cave, no doubt about it. It's not natural, though... at least not the entrance. It looks like they've designed a false front, carved from rock so it looks like it must weigh a ton, but cut in such a way that one man can simply push it aside. They also show that it's right where two upright stones meet, so they help hold up the false front...

Indy and Kathy crest a rise in the rocks and stop. Indy can't help but smile now as Kathy falls silent.

Below them, there's a spot against the rock wall with two upright rocks framing it. NIKOS, an incredibly skinny kid of about fifteen, stands beside the boulder that fronts the spot.

Smiling broadly, he pushes the 'boulder' out of the way with one hand.

NIKOS (in Greek; subtitled) Dr. Jones, look... I'm Hercules.

More than anything, Kathy looks irritated.

KATHY You mean you knew?

INDY We just found it. I was coming to tell you...

KATHY You were just gonna let me go on like a fool...

INDY You're no fool... you were right.

The two of them start down towards the now-open mouth of the cave.

* Segment ends hear, though 'Agent M' says the rest of the scene in the cave is "classic Jones".

'Indiana Jones' and related material are all copyright (C) to Lucasfilm & Paramount Pictures. 'Dark Horizons' has no wish to infringe on their rights and is willing to remove this script segment at their request


The script segment was withdrawn because of a misunderstanding with Garth's source and not because of action by Paramount or Lucasfilm.

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