. The Indy Experience


--LucasArts Home Page
-The official company site for makers of Indy games

--Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures
-Indiana Beau and the Tips of Doom

--Excavating Ancient Indy Games (Emulation)
-My somewhat dated treatment of emulated Indy games

--Udoiana Raunes
-A series of fan-created Indy-inspired adventures imported from Germany

--Indy Project: Fate of Atlantis II
-An "under construction" fan-created sequel to Fate of Atlantis

Temple of the Forbidden Eye Ride

--John Perry
--Mark Turner
--Tyler Jones

Realworld Indy Sights

--IJ Epic Stunt Spectacular
-Daily re-enactments of selected Raiders action sequences

-Where the river raft scene from Temple was filmed

--Arches National Park
-The location of Crusade's young Indy opening. (Tour Info)

--Marc's Petra, Jordan Page
-The facade that "played" the Holy Grail's final resting place is here.

--Adventure Slots

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