. Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur
by Michael Prentice and Steven Frye









The familiar Paramount logo dissolves into an impressive range of mountains on a large island. Grey clouds cast an ominous pall over the landscape. Two, ancient, wooden vessels are anchored off shore.

A legend appears on the screen:

1238, 200 miles off the Spanish Coast


Traveling into the mouth of a large cave, the sounds of a sword duel can be heard. Continuing on, bodies of SLAIN KNIGHTS lie still as two KNIGHTS duel. Some of the knights' armor is colored bright silver, others are dark black.

KNIGHT #1 is dressed in bright sliver armor while KNIGHT #2 is attired in dark, obsidian armor. On the cave floor, rests an OBJECT wrapped in cloth, that emits an orange glow.

The fight continues. Eventually, Knight #2 is stabbed through and falls dead. Knight #1 is tired and wounded. He surveys the scene, seeing all his companions and enemies are dead.

He staggers toward the wrapped object. He picks it up and moves toward a corner of the cavern. He falls to his knees in pain as he unwraps it.

The wrappings come loose and a ORANGE GLOW emanates from the object off-camera. The Knight smiles grimly as he drags himself towards the end of the cavern.

Bowing his head and crossing himself, the Knight takes the object, a sword that we do not get a good look at, and swings it at the cave ceiling. It unleashes an FX torrent of lighting that sends down an avalanche of rock. The ceiling debris begins to bury the knight. He leans against the cave wall and clutches the sword close to him.



Another legend indicates:


This time, a Spanish Galleon sits anchored off the coast and small rowboats go from the ship to the island.


Two LIEUTENANTS, holding torches, stand and argue at the entrance to the cavern.

LIEUTENANT #1 (in Spanish) He's insane.

LIEUTENANT #2 (in Spanish) He's more drunk than insane.

LIEUTENANT #1 (in Spanish) We have to be completely off course. If it weren't for his rank, I'd have him thrown over-board when we put back out to sea.

LIEUTENANT #2 (in Spanish) Once we come back home, we'll have enough to end his sea going days.

CONQUILLA (O.S.) (in Spanish) Come here!!

LIEUTENANT #2 (in Spanish) Don Conquilla?

CONQUILLA (O.S.) (in Spanish) Come here, quickly!!

The two men rush down the cavern. They come upon SANDOVAL CONQUILLA, kneeling over the long dead corpses of the Knights from the previous scene. Conquilla appears a tad bit... tipsy.

CONQUILLA (in Spanish) Look at this.

LIEUTENANT #1 (a beat, in Spanish) English Armor, at least a hundred years old. What the devil is it doing here?

CONQUILLA (in Spanish) This is an amazing discovery! Imagine what the British will think! They continually claim they don't have a sea port in our waters.

LIEUTENANT #1 (in Spanish) Don Conquilla, these bodies are over 100, maybe 200 years old. There's nothing living on this accursed...

LIEUTENANT #2 (pointing to something offscreen, in Spanish.) Look there!

The three men turn and look at a large boulder. From the edges and cracks, an orange glow begins to pulse.

CONQUILLA (in Spanish) My lord! What is this?

They marvel at the sight. Conquilla approaches the stone and feels around it. He sees a large crack and puts his face up to it. His expression of surprise turns to wonder.


From inside the fissure, we see the faces of Conquilla and his Lieutenants peering into the small enclosure. Their faces are bathed in the orange light.

LIEUTENANT #2 What... what is it?

CONQUILLA (a beat, in Spanish) It's beautiful!



In a large exhibit hall, a group of college students mull about the exhibits, led by their fedora-wearing professor.

The title credits begin to roll as we continue with the field trip. Most of the students are attentive, especially the girls, who gaze dreamily upon their professor.

As the main title music swells and we near the legend for the movie's title, we reveal the professor to be... INDIANA JONES.


A street moderately populated with people. Some are checking the scenery or just mulling about at a sidewalk cafe across from the impressive museum exterior.

A legend appears on the screen:

ARIZONA - 1950

Outside the museum, the students are standing in line, waiting to board their bus. BUS DRIVER waits impatiently next to Jones as he checks off each student, making sure no one is left behind.

BUS DRIVER Could ya hurry this up, Professor? We're gonna be late for the train.

INDY Another ten minutes isn't going to hurt.

BUS DRIVER Yeah... well, I ain't driving your bunch o' students back to Frisco if you miss your ride.

Bus Driver pushes his way into the bus. Indy checks his watch, twenty minutes till two. He looks around for something, then pulls one of his students, a nerd named ARNOLD, out of line.

INDY Arnold, take over for me. Make sure every name on the list is checked off before I get back.

Indy hands him the clipboard.

ARNOLD (stuttering) Nnnn...nooo problem, Doctor Jones! You can ccc...cccooount on me!

Indy waves back at him as he dashes back inside the museum.


Seated around a table at the cafe, three THUGS watch Jones with interest. The fourth, reading a newspaper, places it down on the table, revealing a SMALL GUY with an angry look on his face.

This can only mean trouble for our favorite archaeologist.


Indy walks in, takes a quick look around. A family on vacation, a set of professors, and a single man smoking at a pillar populate the entrance.

Indy moves toward Smoking man. As he walks, Indy removes a small PAPER BAG. Smoking man removes a PARCEL from his coat. As Indy passes him, they make a quick trade.

Smoking man finishes his cigarette quickly and EXITS.

Indy stops in the corner, checks the area, and opens the PARCEL. Inside, is a gold, ornate, Persian RELIC. Indy smiles and puts it back into the packaging.


Before Smoking Man makes his EXIT, he looks over to the three thugs and small guy, nodding to them. They get up and move to the museum.


Indy's at a payphone, waiting for his call to go through.

ANTHONY (over phone) Hello?

INDY Anthony, it's Jones.

ANTHONY (over phone) Oh, Indiana. This is a pleasant surprise. How did it go?

INDY Tolwyn's man just made the meeting. The "item" will be on its way back to the museum in twenty minutes.

ANTHONY (over phone) Splendid, Indiana, splendid! Just remember to be careful. The Sultan is known for his...

During his conversation, the four people from across the street ENTER and quietly approach Indy.

INDY (interrupting) Yeah, yeah, I know. He's one angry character. Anthony, this is Arizona. What possible danger could I be in?

Thug #1 comes right up behind Indy and jabs the barrel of a GUN in his back. Thug #2 takes the phone receiver from him and hangs it up.

Indy looks at the thugs, then turns around to see the rest of his captors.

INDY Something I can do for you gentlemen?

The small guy, ABU, steps forward.

ABU You can walk with us to our car, Dr. Jones, or you can die right here.

Not much of a choice, is there?


Indy, the three thugs, and Abu EXIT the museum and walk past the bus. Indy's students all peer out the window, wondering just where is their professor going. Bus Driver raises a fuss and stops Indy and company.

BUS DRIVER Hey Professor, where's the fire?!

ABU (quietly, to Indy) He comes over here, he dies with you.

INDY (to Driver) There's just some leftover business I have to finish up. Shouldn't take much longer.

BUS DRIVER I'm paid to drive you folks to and fro, not sit around and wait for your sorry hide all day!

ABU (quietly) Get rid of him!

INDY Just go ahead and drive them to the train station, Walt. I'll find my own way back.

Bus Driver waits a beat, as if it takes longer for him to comprehend things than the average joe. He throws his hands up in the air, grumbles to himself and gets in the bus.

ABU Well handled, Dr. Jones. Now, we shall be on our way.

Indy is led to a car and shoved in the back seat. It drives off as the Bus gets ready to leave. Indy's students watch the car containing him drive away.


Thug #2 finishes tying Indy to a WOODEN CHAIR. His coat, HAT, and the PARCEL are on a table. Thugs #1 and #3 crack their knuckles and look ready to pummel him as they lean against their car. Leaning on the sideboard is a MACHINE GUN. Abu sits at the table, opening the parcel.

ABU My employer has been wondering where his property had ended up. Not much of a surprise that it would be in the hands of the world's most notorious grave robber.

INDY You should watch who you're calling a thief. Your boss' family stole that thing first.

ABU We were fortunate to find your contact, I believe his name was Tolwyn. We were also fortunate he "cooperated" with us.

INDY That man was my friend.

ABU He said the same of you, before he died.

INDY (a grim beat) You son of a bitch!

Abu gets the parcel open and removes the relic. He holds it up to the light to admire it.

ABU Ahh, I don't think we have any use for you now, Dr. Jones. (to thugs) Kill him, make it very painful.

The Thugs smile devilishly. Abu passes the table and ponder's Indy's HAT. He picks it up and tries it on.

ABU At least the Sultan will have a trophy of you to display.

Abu laughs and gets ready to leave. Indy turns his attention to the three Thugs.

INDY No chance I could have a few last words?

Abu stops and turns back to Indy.

INDY Next time you... guys go out on a trip like this?

ABU (impatient) Yes.

INDY Be sure to tie down your captive's legs as well as his arms.

Abu and the thugs are confused. Indy makes his move. With all his might, he's able to rock his chair forward, jumps up onto his feet, and runs headlong into the thugs!

Thug #1 loses his balance and falls onto Abu. Thug #2 pulls a knife and lunges at Indy. Indy turns around, slamming the chair legs into Thug #3, knocking him face first into the concrete floor.

Indy dodges as best he can from Thug #2's knife, but he gets cut and slashed by it. Finally, Indy turns around and runs backwards into his assailant. Thug #2 thrusts the knife, but it gets stuck in the back of the wooden chair!

Indy rams both the Thug and the chair into the wall of the warehouse. The chair breaks apart and the ropes loosen. Indy gets out of them and punches the dazed Thug.

Thug #3 gets back up and pulls his gun. Indy whirls the unconscious Thug #2 around. He gets accidentally shot by Thug #3. Indy grabs the knife from the broken chair, throws it, and buries it in the head of Thug #3.

Indy walks over to the cowering Abu, who's still wearing Indy's HAT and the RELIC. He takes his coat, puts it on, then the relic, concealing it in his coat pocket.

INDY (indicating hat) I think that belongs to me.

Indy takes his HAT off of Abu and puts it on. He's about to pull his fist back and punch him when...

Thug #1 has made his way to the car and grabs the machine gun. Indy quickly dodges the hail of bullets and runs to the exit!


Indy bolts out of the building to find he's halfway across town in a warehouse district. Several workers load up trucks with boxes, crates, etc...

He looks at his watch. It's five minutes till two. He runs out onto the street and finds a parked car. Its DRIVER approaches it and prepares to get in when Indy stops him.

INDY Give me the keys!

DRIVER What? Are you trying to rob me of my automobile in broad daylight?

INDY Look, I've no time to explain...

DRIVER If you really need to get somewhere, that's what the buses are for.

Indy grabs the guy.

INDY Just give me your...!

A large crash off screen grabs everyone's attention. Indy and Driver look toward the warehouse.

Abu and Thug #1 are in their car. They have crashed through the door of the warehouse and are headed towards Jones.

Abu, leaning out of the passenger window, opens fire with the machine gun.

Indy pushes the driver into the car. The driver gives him the keys frantically.


Indy starts the car and takes off, with Abu in hot pursuit. Indy has to dodge several trucks and warehouse workers, but soon puts a bit of distance between himself and Abu's vehicle.


Indy's car comes around the corner fast and practically flies down the street. Seconds later, Abu's car comes around the corner and follows.


Indy keeps his attention on the road and his rear view mirror. Driver is huddled up in a ball, fishing for his rosary.

INDY Which way to the train station?

DRIVER What, are you going to steal a train too?

Indy gives him a menacing look.

DRIVER Take Main to Stalton, make a left and go to Falbrook. Hard right, then straight down Railway. It's on the left, you can't miss it.

INDY Thanks.


Abu finishes reloading the machine gun and pops back out, firing away. Indy swerves his car, trying to avoid people, the bullets, and other cars, causing chaos and mayhem to unfurl in the form of car crashes and near misses.

Indy takes a left onto Stalton, which is roped off. The cops stationed there try to warn Indy off, but he continues, as does Abu's car. Falbrook's just an intersection away.


A large group of bicyclers participating in a race is the reason for the roped off street. A few hundred feet away, at the corner, Indy's car comes around.


Indy turns around from looking out his back window to see the bike racers. Indy reacts.

INDY Oh shit!


Indy swerves, as does the other bikers. Several fly off their bikes, others crash. Abu speeds through them, almost running over a few. The chase continues!

Two cop cars come down the street, obviously radioed in by their pals from the roped off Stalton street corner. They're on a collision course with Indy and Abu!

Indy swerves his car onto Falbrook. The cop cars miss him and one hits Abu's vehicle head on. Abu is sent flying through the windshield, still firing his machine gun. He hits the pavement hard!

Indy's car sails down Falbrook and makes the quick turn onto Railway!


Indy takes a quick look at his watch. It's 2:00. The train whistle can be heard in the distance.


A CONDUCTOR looks at his watch and raises his head to call out...


The large locomotive belches steam and starts moving off. In the distance, we see Indy's car head straight for the station. The car barely comes to a stop when Indy runs out of it, leaving Driver dazed and confused in the passenger seat.

A cop car, joined by another from the other direction, stops and cops storm out. Some run after Indy and some go over to the stopped car.

The train's already under way, heading for a nearby bridge that overlooks a large gorge. Indy spots a MOTORCYCLIST, sitting astride his still running bike, talking with a CUTE GIRL.

Indy pushes him off and takes the motorcycle. Motorcyclist and the cops run after him as Indy guns the bike at full speed.


Indy's getting closer and closer to the train, but he's running out of road fast! The gorge is coming up quick! Indy applies more gas, the bike goes faster. But, so's the train.

With mere seconds left, Indy's able to close the distance and leap for the rear porch of the train! It makes it onto the bridge as the motorcycle goes over the edge to a fiery explosion!

Indy clutches onto the porch railing for dear life as he pulls himself up.


A TICKET-TAKER walks the aisles, asking for tickets. He comes across the car Indy's students are in. He takes each student's ticket and punches it. He comes to an empty seat, which is immediately taken by a very disheveled Indy.


Indy hands him his ticket. He punches it and gives Indy a second, worried look as he EXITS.

Indy's students all look at their professor in shock. Just what the hell happened to our teacher, they wonder. Indy doesn't want to let them in on it, so he props his HAT over his eyes and stretches out for some much needed sleep.


The train heads off into the horizon as we...



Students rush to class or walk about the picturesque campus.


Indy's at the chalkboard, lecturing his class. His students listen true to form.

INDY Ancient folklore and legend are the basis from which an archaeologist sets out to recover truths about the past. But these tales, based in some form of truth, can usually amount to nothing more than fiction. For instance, around 1456 a Spanish Conquistador, name of Sandoval Conquilla, bragged that on one of his trips around the Spanish coast line, he found a stretch of uninhabited islands lying south west of the mainland.

Indy pulls down a map and points to the location, but on the map, all there is, is blue ocean.

INDY As you see, there's nothing there. Sandoval claimed to have found an island with a series of caverns, containing bodies of English knights and a "glowing" rock formation. After inspecting the rock formation, which his men were unable to remove, he was able to peer through a crack and see a silver, shining sword. Upon returning to Spain with this news, he was asked...


ANTHONY BRODY, early 30s, spitting image of his father, approaches Indy's classroom and ENTERS. Indy notices the interruption and silently acknowledges him.

INDY ...asked by the nobility to take them back to this fantastic find. But, each time he went out to sea, he could never retrace his course back to it. This non-existant island was named Enigma and several fortune hunters have attempted to retrace Sandoval's original course. They either found empty ocean or deep sea graves.

The bell rings and the students get up to EXIT.

INDY Don't forget, Michaelson, chapter 15!

The students eventually file out completely, leaving Anthony and Indy alone.

ANTHONY I remember you assigning my class Michaelson whenever you were late in grading our exams. In fact, it was After each and every exam.

INDY With the life I used to lead, you think I could take tests papers with me?

ANTHONY If only all your students knew about your double life.

Indy pulls the PARCEL from his desk and unwraps the RELIC from the trip. He hands it to Anthony.

ANTHONY I take it there wasn't any real trouble in securing this for the museum?

INDY Well, there was the wrecked cars, the hail of bullets, the stolen motorcycle...

ANTHONY Oh, just the usual nonsense, then? (laughs) All kidding aside, the museum has taken care of all possible legalities and monetary restitution. They aren't happy, but the prospect of getting this into the collection was enough to tip the scales.

Indy picks up his stuff and walks out into the hallway with Anthony.

INDY The museum board always sides in my favor. I know far too much about how most of their exhibit pieces were obtained.

ANTHONY (regarding the relic) This is truly a momentous occasion, if not also a sad one. The last relic to be recovered by the great Indiana Jones.

INDY Like I told you before Anthony, teaching is my life now. Field work is a young man's job.

ANTHONY Oh rubbish!


Indy and Anthony come to Indy's small office.

ANTHONY I don't know what my father would say if he were alive to see this.

INDY Marcus was always trying to get me to slow down, commit myself to teaching. I don't know who was more anxious about my survival during those days, him or me.

ANTHONY Well, it's off to the board of directors and the exhibit staff. Good day, Dr. Jones.

Anthony EXITS. Indy ENTERS his office. On his desk is a large stack of TEST PAPERS, calling it mountainous would be an understatement.

He sits at the desk, looks the stack over, then looks at the window. A large PADLOCK prevents Indy from opening it and ducking out.

Indy lets out a breath, then starts to dig into his work when a knock at the door grabs his attention. He goes to the door and opens it to find an attractive brunette, in her early 40s, standing outside his door. She is ARIANNA SMITH, a woman that has quite a history with Dr. Jones.

ARIANNA Hello, Henry.

Indy stares in disbelief.

ARIANNA Well, aren't you going to let me in?

Indy doesn't let her in. He pulls his fist back and punches her!

Arianna staggers back, but turns back to face Indy, straightening herself out. She can take a punch.

ARIANNA (smiling) You never could throw a decent punch, Henry.

INDY What do you want?!

ARIANNA There never was time for pleasantries with you, was there?

INDY (angry) Get to the damn...

ARIANNA Mr. Collins and I...

Arianna looks behind her to find her companion gone. She turns to her left, eyeing him off camera, and grabs his arm. She shoves him into the door frame between her and Indy. This is SEBASTION COLLINS, A David-Hyde Pierce lookalike, carefully combed hair and a tweed jacket. Guess he was a little put off by Indy's display.

COLLINS (nervously) Well, I hope I'm not in for your famous hello, Dr. Jones.

Indy looks over at the man and smiles.

INDY Sebastion? Sebastion Collins?!

Indy takes Collins' hand and shakes it vigorously.

INDY It's so good to see you

COLLINS The feeling is quite mutual, Dr. Jones.

INDY Please, call me Indy. That's the first thing I tell every one of my students after graduation.

COLLINS Old habits die hard, I guess.

Indy motions for Collins and Arianna to ENTER his office.

INDY So, what brings you here?

COLLINS Well, Ms. Smith and I are here to see you about some very important business.

INDY Last I heard, you were in Great Britain doing field work.

COLLINS I still am as a matter of fact. Three months ago, I met up with Arianna to pursue some relics I uncovered. Now, our research has led us to a dead end. We could use your help in getting past this snag.

INDY What is your research?

ARIANNA The Arthur legend.

COLLINS I started five years ago, right after the end of the war. The German Blitz did do one good thing, it helped to uncover artifacts and ancient texts, dating back to the time of the Arthur legend. One bomb blast crater unearthed a long buried armory containing artifacts with a peculiar crest emblazoned on them.

Collins grabs his bag and gets out a photo. He hands it to Indy. It shows a suits of armor with a crest on the chestplate.

COLLINS Look at the shape and the highlights.

INDY This is the crest of the Round Table.

COLLINS Exactly! I found evidence like this all over Britain in several other digs. Clues that tell us the Arthur legend isn't just a legend. It's fact!

ARIANNA About two months ago, we found this.

Arianna procures a piece of TORN PARCHMENT. She hands it to Indy.

ARIANNA This parchment is from a book written by Sandoval Conquilla.

Indy is taken aback.

COLLINS Yes, the drunken conquistador lecture.

INDY I gave it today as a matter of fact. Where did you find this?

COLLINS In a site several kilometers outside of London. It's from a journal, his own personal journal. It reveals a possible route to... Enigma.

INDY C'mon, I've seen enough "routes" to Enigma Isle that would fill this room. Sandoval's story was nothing more than drunken ramblings, history proves that. He was well known for his..."love" of all things alcoholic.

COLLINS This is not a forgery. It's written in a slang dialect of the period, Miss Smith was able to verify that much. It goes into detail on how Sandoval discovered the island. He found it by accident, trying to locate an English storehouse on another island, 300 kilometers in the other direction!

Now, it's only half, so it isn't the complete route. But, I do know where the rest of it is.

ARIANNA A castle, fifty-seven miles from the Spanish border, in France.

COLLINS Dr. Jones, I believe the Conquistador's tale. So do others who have learned of my work. These people are rather... unsavory. When we find the rest of the journal, we'll have unlocked the mystery to one of the greatest prizes of archaeology. A prize these individuals shouldn't be allowed to even lay their eyes upon... Excalibur!

Off Indy's reaction as he looks at the journal page in his hand. Next to the outline of the Spanish coast, we see the drawing of a grand sword as we...



Outside, thunder roars and lightning strikes as rain pours. Indy sits in a chair, next to a roaring fire. Anthony is there, sharing a drink with him.

INDY They want me to pack up everything and follow them off on some... some damn fool chase.

ANTHONY (taking a sip) What do they want you to do exactly?

INDY They need me to locate a journal, the journal of Sandoval Conquilla.

ANTHONY (laughs, spitting out his drink.) The drunken conquistador?

INDY The same. Collins thinks the sword he claims to have found on that island is Excalibur.

ANTHONY Rubbish! Excalibur's a myth.

INDY It's supposed to be a myth. Trust me Anthony, I've seen enough myths became hard, cold fact. This book is kept in an underground storehouse, contained within a tourist trap castle in France. Inside, there are supposed to be thousands of ancient texts. I did enough research about the Enigma legend to be able to identify one of his books in a heartbeat. That makes me the best choice to find it.

But, the castle isn't under French ownership. According to Collins, it's being secretly maintained by a group of ex-Nazis, still obsessed with the occult and world domination.

ANTHONY Hmm, sounds familiar.

INDY All they want me to do is find the book and help get it out. Then, Collins and Arianna continue the hunt and hopefully recover the sword. They say if I wish to, I can go all the way to Enigma Island and bring back Excalibur with them.

ANTHONY But, do you believe they're on the right track? History is littered with the high hopes and theories of many archaeologists that turn to folly and failure.

INDY (a beat) Collins is a competent archaeologist. He gets a little carried away with ancient folklore and has trouble staying focused, but he isn't a rube who gets side tracked too easily. And, then there's Arianna.

ANTHONY Yes. Father told me all about her. You studied with her under Ravenwood, right?

Indy nods yes.

INDY Marcus always thought I screwed up when it came to her. (a beat) I don't regret what happened. We weren't meant for each other. It's just... I gave all that up. I can't go back to it.

ANTHONY Indiana, this is your life we're talking about. This is your reason for being. Archaeology, adventure, excitement, you crave those things. I don't see how you can give that all up, even with the... circumstances in mind.

INDY Those days are over, Anthony.

ANTHONY They don't have to be. You've been presented with another opportunity for adventure, another opportunity for glory. This could be a chance to heal old wounds. You should take this opportunity. Besides, these are Nazis we're talking about here.

Indy contemplates his drink and what Anthony has said. He puts the glass down and walks to his closet. He opens it, and pulls out a suitcase.

Into it, he tosses his leather jacket, pants, shirt, gun and holster, whip, and finally, the hat! INDY'S BACK!!


Passengers board the airplane. Indy, Arianna, and Collins are in line, waiting to get aboard.

COLLINS Thank you for coming, Dr. Jones. You've made the right decision.

Arianna stares at Indy. He returns the stare.

ARIANNA This isn't a pleasure cruise, Henry. Our goal is the journal's recovery, nothing more.

INDY I wouldn't have it any other way.

ARIANNA Good. Now we'll see if Collins' faith in you holds up.

INDY (a beat) Testy, aren't we. I guess some things never change.

ARIANNA It's been years since we've last seen each other, Henry. You'd be surprised at what has and hasn't changed.

They ENTER the plane. Indy watches Arianna and Collins walk down the aisle to their seats. Indy watches her as...



An immense dig site with several WORKERS digging hard through the ancient ground, bringing up pottery shards and other small RELICS and ARTIFACTS.

A truck pulls up next to a path leading to the dig. From the back, a young man, wearing a fedora and a leather flight jacket slung over his shoulder, EXITS the truck and walks towards the dig. This is Young Indy, 22-25 years old, about to work on his first professional dig site.

Indy walks along the path, looking at the various digs in progress. One site in particular grabs his attention. He watches a young woman rise from a pit, trowel in one hand and a book in the other. She's catching her breath as she notices Indy looking at her. This is Young Arianna, 20-23. She sees Indy staring at her and smiles.

Indy tips his hat to her and is about to approach when he hears...

BELLOQ (O.S.) Sacre Merde!! Do you fools know anything about archeology?!!!

Indy turns to see Young RENE BELLOQ, rising from his supervisory position in a chair under a parasol, to yell at the diggers doing his work for him.

BELLOQ You do not use your shovel like you were digging a burial plot!! You use it carefully. Do you understand a word I am saying, you imbeciles?!!

The workers speak little english and wearily protest their boss' accusations. Indy approaches them.

INDY (in native tongue) Take a breather, boys, you've more than earned it.

The workers smile and climb out of the pit. Belloq gets miffed.

BELLOQ What..? What are you doing?!! Get back to work this instant!!! (to Indy) Just what did you say to them?!! Tell me!!

INDY I told them not to pay anymore attention to the screaming, bad man.

BELLOQ You worker trash. I'll have you know you're talking to Monsieur Ravenwoood's finest student and he would never stand for...

RAVENWOOD (O.S.) Never stand for what, Rene?

Behind Indy approaches ABNER RAVENWOOD. A tall, strong man, early 40's.

RAVENWOOD (a beat) Ah, you must be Henry Jones. You look just like your father, you know?

INDY Yes, Professor Ravenwood, but you can call me Indy.

RAVENWOOD It's good to finally meet you after all the praise Marcus kept sending me.

INDY Well... Mr. Brody does like to sing my praises from the highest mountains.

RAVENWOOD Yes... now we see if he's singing a good tune or not, eh? (a beat) I see you've met Rene.

Belloq offers his hand to Indy.

BELLOQ Rene Belloq.

Indy doesn't take Belloq's hand.

INDY Henry Jones. My friends call me Indy. (a beat) You can call me Mr. Jones.

Indy EXITS with Abner, leaving Belloq in a tizzy.

RAVENWOOD You see we are presiding currently over seven individual dig sites. Right now, we have five archeologists on hand overseeing the excavations. Unfortunately, one of my younger students, a Joseph Forrestal, had to leave due to family problems back in the states.

INDY I hear he's good.

RAVENWOOD Oh yes, he's very, very good. So, I needed an equal, if not better replacement. That would be you.

INDY I know I have alot to live up to, Professor, but I won't let you down.

RAVENWOOD (smiling) You'd better not. (a beat) Why don't you get yourself acquainted with the others, though not in the way you've done with our loveable french buffoon.

Abner EXITS. Indy walks along the site path and finds Arianna, knee deep in a dig, looking at the inscription on a recently unearthed ARTIFACT.

Indy steps closer until he casts a shadow over Arianna.

ARIANNA You're blocking my light.

INDY Trying to do more than that, actually.

Arianna looks up at Indy.

ARIANNA And what would that be?

INDY I'm trying to get your attention.

ARIANNA Hmmm, the fedora did that already. (a beat) You're the new student?

INDY Yeah, the name's Indiana...

ARIANNA Come down here, let's see how good you are.

Indy smiles and carefully climbs into the pit next to Arianna. She hands him the ARTIFACT.

ARIANNA Translate this.


ARIANNA I'm testing you, that's why?

INDY (a beat, reading the inscription to himself) You don't know what it means, do you?

ARIANNA I didn't say that!

INDY You didn't have to.

ARIANNA (a beat) Okay... so I'm having trouble deciphering ancient text, who doesn't?

INDY I never did. It helped though that my father had me counting in greek at the age of 5.

ARIANNA Look, I'm a good archeologist. I'm not some flim-flam artist like some of these people...

INDY Talking about Belloq?

ARIANNA You've met him, what do you think?

INDY I think he's an ass.

ARIANNA Oh. I think he's rather... handsome. Anyway, I left school to be on this dig and I... I hadn't finished all of my classes in time.

INDY (a beat) You know, if you need help, all you have to do is ask.

Arianna looks into Indy's eyes and smiles.

ARIANNA Alright. If I need you, I'll ask.

Arianna EXITS. Indy watches her leave, totally smitten.



Groups of tourists walk about the battlements and castle grounds. A car drops off our heroes near the main entrance.


A tour group is forming in a foyer leading to a great hallway, lined with large paintings and other art pieces. Indy, Arianna, and Collins mix in with the group as their TOUR GUIDE joins them.

TOUR GUIDE (in French) If you'll follow me please we'll resume our tour. Here, in the south foyer, we see...

The guide goes on about the paintings when Arianna notices something.

ARIANNA (sotto vocce) She's wrong.

INDY About what?

ARIANNA That painting there, it's by the wrong artist.

Indy looks at the painting and has to agree.

INDY Well, one for you.

ARIANNA Keeping score, are we?

INDY Watch.

Their voices have gotten a bit louder. The other tourists and the guide can hear them.

TOUR GUIDE (in French) Ummm, excuse me? Can you please keep it down?

INDY (in French) Oh, yes of course.

The tour resumes.

ARIANNA (sotto vocce) It's too bad Abner isn't here to scold us. Then, it would just be like old ti...

Arianna stops herself. Obviously, some old, intense memories are coming to the surface. Her words also affect Indy. But, the guide gets another painting wrong and Indy beats Arianna to the punch.

INDY There, another one.

ARIANNA Now we're tied.

The tour guide can hear them and is getting nervous. She starts stammering when talking about another painting.

TOUR GUIDE (in French) This... this fresco was made... made by the Italian Artist Fernando Bonza...

INDY (in French, keeping from smiling) Pardon me, ma'am, but that's not even a fresco.

The exasperated tour guide looks quickly at the painting and gets even more exasperated by her mistake. Arianna giggles, Collins holds his head in embarrassment. Some of the other tourists mumble on about their obviously inept tour guide.

TOUR GUIDE (in French) Sir, please, I have to ask you and your friend to keep quiet. You are ruining the tour for everyone else!

ARIANNA (in French, holding back laughter) Our apologies. We won't do it again.

Indy and Arianna share a laugh, then realize they aren't being bitter to each other. They're about to go back to their silent distaste of each other when...

COLLINS (sotto vocce) I can't take you two anywhere.


The tour's over. The tourists are going to the souvenir stands and the guide is crying her eyes out on her MANAGER'S shoulder as Indy and company are EXITING to another hallway, away from the tourists


Indy and company make their way carefully. Around a corner, Collins checks for people. He finds a short, obese guard with brown hair. He's wearing a suit and tie and a black and red armband, with a crest-like symbol, on his suit coat.

INDY Trouble?

COLLINS Guard. See the armband? That's the new symbol of the underground Nazi party.

INDY I guess swastikas are out of fashion this year.

Collins walks over to a door on the opposite wall. Arianna approaches Indy to get a look at the guard.

ARIANNA That's one well dressed Nazi.

INDY They must be hiring out to whomever. He doesn't fit the Aryan image at all.

How did you find out about them? You'd think they would want to be a well kept secret.

ARIANNA According to Sebastion, a few goose- steppers came looking for him about his Arthur legend research.

Collins gets the door opens and motions for both Indy and Arianna. They ENTER.


Indy has entered what appears to be an ornate sitting room with no obvious exit to any other part of the castle.

INDY Where to now?

COLLINS Down here.

Collins pulls a candle holder on the wall. An antique table in the center of the room literally splits in half, revealing an opening that descends beneath the floor. Indy's impressed.

INDY Good eye.

COLLINS I learned from the best. After you.

ARIANNA No, no. Ladies first.

Arianna goes through the passage first, quickly followed by the others.


Indy and Company make their way quickly along the passage with Collins in the lead. Using flashlights to illuminate the way, they come to a stone door, far from the secret opening.

As they walk, Indy falls behind and secures his whip and pistol within pockets in his suit coat, making sure Arianna and Collins don't see. Collins checks the wall around the door for another secreted switch.

COLLINS Damn... damn, it's supposed to be right here.

INDY Let me.

Collins stops, looks at Indy, then backs away, as if he's totally failed. Indy gives the door a quick once over, then puts his foot on the center of the door. He gives a slight push and it opens.


Indy and company ENTER a huge depository of ancient books, art pieces, suits of armor with the round table crest, weapons of the Arthur period, etc... The place looks like a museum after it has been ransacked. Glass display cases shattered, books on the floor, the armor scattered. The group marvel at what they see.

INDY This has to be the largest collection of Arthurian artifacts anywhere.

ARIANNA But it's been ransacked. It's a tragedy that all this has been kept behind closed doors. These pieces belong in a museum, for the world to see.

INDY That's one thing we agree upon.

COLLINS We haven't much time. We have to find the journal immediately.

Jones goes to the stacks of books and begins looking. He runs his hands and his eyes over them. After a minute or two, Indy stops, runs his finger across a leather spined book, and pulls it out.

Arianna goes to his side to look at it. Indy carefully opens it and leafs through the pages, finding one missing. Arianna takes out the half they have and puts it next to the journal. They match!

ARIANNA You found it! We have the route to Enigma!

Indy's all smiles. He did it.

COLLINS Congratulations, Dr. Jones!

Collins is all smiles, even as he pulls a PISTOL on Indy and Arianna.

COLLINS Now hand it over to me.

Off Indy's surprised reaction.

ARIANNA (shocked) What?

COLLINS Maybe I should rephrase that.

On cue, several torches ignite to reveal the room is filled with THUGS, all holding MACHINE GUNS.

COLLINS Hand over the book or die!

Each Thug primes their machine guns in unison, hammering Collins' point home. Indy places the book and page on a nearby table and raises his hands, along with Arianna.

COLLINS I must say thank you, Dr. Jones. You have found the last piece of a centuries old puzzle. But, you will not be needed anymore.

Collins snaps his fingers and a HUGE, BRICK WALL of a man named LUGOR comes from the remaining shadows.


Lugor leads the captive Indy and Arianna down another stone passageway, with Collins and some of the GUARDS in tow.

INDY What the hell is this all about?

COLLINS This is about power and glory, two things I am destined to possess.

ARIANNA Why are you betraying us?!

Collins stops the caravan and goes to Arianna.

COLLINS Because, power and glory are not things one can share with any ease.

INDY How? How can you be involved with the Nazis?!

COLLINS Nazis?! The mention of those long dead buffoons was only to ensure you would tag along. The Nazis were nothing more than a chapter of a greater organization, one with a more insured longevity. (to Guards) Come, come. Time is wasting.


Indy and Arianna are led into a huge, circular room with a large pit dominating the center. A rope from the ceiling hangs down the middle of the pit.

COLLINS My employers are the new owners of this castle. We knew the book had to be down in this castle's many vaults and storerooms. The previous tenants never revealed the true location, even after they were all brought to this room.

Collins' torch illuminates the pit. It goes down about forty feet and on the floor are bodies, impaled on large spikes.

COLLINS Seems the original builder of this castle enjoyed punishing his less than perfect servants in here. (to Guards) Tie them up.

Indy and Arianna are tied back to back. The guards bring the rope over and tie it to their bonds. Another guard climbs a ladder to where the rope is tied off. He places his torch next to it. The small strands of the thick rope begin to burn away, one by one.

Collins stands next to Indy and Arianna.

COLLINS All it took was the promise of glory and the infamous Indiana Jones would come running.

INDY How can you do this to us? How can you betray...?

COLLINS Why keep asking a question you know won't be answered to your satisfaction?! (a beat) Goodbye, Dr. Jones.

With that, Collins brings up his gun and pistol whips Indy. He falls unconscious. Lugor walks forward and picks up both Indy and Arianna, and stands ready to pitch them over the side.

COLLINS (to Arianna) And to you, Ms. Smith. I bid you a special adieu.

ARIANNA What, no goodbye sucker punch?

COLLINS No, you get to see your death with widely open eyes. (to Lugor) Throw them over.

Lugor tosses them into the pit. The rope snaps taut! Indy and Arianna dangle over the forty foot drop as the torch continues to slowly burn through their rope.

Collins, Lugor, and the Guards EXIT.


One of the guards, GORING, locks the door shut. Collins takes him aside.

COLLINS I want you and a few men to stay behind and ensure Jones and Smith die. It wouldn't serve the Dark Knight's cause if they somehow... survived.

GORING Yes, your lordship.

COLLINS (to Lugor) Come.

Collins and Lugor EXIT.


Indy and Arianna continue to swing over the pit.

ARIANNA Henry?! (a beat) Henry, wake up!

Indy's still unconscious. Arianna thrashes about, trying to rock Indy awake. All she does is make a few more strands snap.

Arianna looks around frantically for something, anything. Her thrashing has caused the rope to spin. She does a quick spin around the room when light hits her face. She causes the rope to spin again and finds a series of cracks within the masonry.


Collins and Lugor wait as a car drives up to them. It bears flags that have the same symbol on the armbands of the guards. This is the Dark Knights' symbol. They get in.


Collins and Lugor settle into their seats. Their driver is ready to go.

DRIVER Where to, sire?

COLLINS The airfield.


Arianna has now maneuvered herself to face the cracked wall. She swings herself and thrusts her legs out so she kicks the wall, each time she swings close to it. She does this repeatedly and gets results. Several bricks and chunks of rock break away, creating an ever widening hole.

Arianna's efforts haven't been helpful to their rope. It's breaking apart faster and faster!

Arianna knows this as the rope drops a bit every now and then. She keeps kicking when finally she creates a large enough opening. That's when the rope breaks!

Arianna's momentum sends Indy and herself through the opening! Indy lands face first with Arianna on top. But, the impact loosens their bonds, sending Arianna back out into the pit!

She falls straight for the spikes when a crack of leather can be heard and Arianna's flight through space abruptly stops!

Arianna looks up to see a very conscious Indiana Jones leaning out the opening with his whip extended and tied around her waist. Arianna smiles briefly as Indy starts to pull her up.


Two guards play cards when Goring ENTERS.

GORING Have either of you checked on our captives?

GUARD #1 (playing cards) Why bother? They'll be dead in a few moments, if they aren't already.

GORING (a beat) How in creation the two of you ever rose to the rank of Knights, I'll never know.

Goring EXITS as the two guards laugh quietly and continue their game.


Goring walks down the passageway to the door of the pit room. He opens the door and finds...


The rope has snapped and there is a large hole in the wall of the pit. Goring's eyes practically bulge out of his skull. They've escaped!


A guard works on one of four Bentleys. His machine gun rests against the car. He rolls out from underneath to find himself staring down the barrel of it, as it's held by Indy

INDY Keys!

The mechanic gives them to him.

INDY Thanks.

Indy flips the gun around and uses the butt of it to slam him in the face, knocking him out cold. He throws the keys to Arianna.

INDY Pick one and get it started.

Arianna tries the keys on each car. The second one is the correct one. Indy takes the machine gun and fires it underneath each car, tearing up the tires.

Arianna gets the motor humming as Indy gets in. The car speeds off.


Goring and ARMED GUARDS EXIT, looking around for Indy and Arianna when they hear an automobile engine. Over a rise, the stolen Bentley practically flies over a hill. Arianna's at the wheel and Indy's holding on for dear life.

The guards scatter as Arianna almost drives through them. They run to the garage to find their cars' tires smoking ruins.

GORING Damn them!!

GUARD #1 What do we do, sir?

GORING (a beat) Get word to Birkenshire. Tell them Indiana Jones and the woman have escaped.


Indy looks back to see any signs of pursuit.

ARIANNA Anyone following?

INDY No, no one.

ARIANNA So, where to?

INDY Our hotel. We need the rest of our equipment. Then, off to England.

ARIANNA Why England?

INDY The accents of Collins' goons. Either France had an unprecedented cultural revolution during the few hours we were prisoners or whomever Collins is in league with resides in England.

Indy slouches down in his seat, pushing his hat over his eyes, drifting off to sleep. Arianna looks at him and shakes her head.



Ravenwood is at work on a map when Indy ENTERS.

INDY I've got it!


INDY The location for the new site, c'mon!


Indy, Arianna, and Ravenwood walk along the beach, looking at the ground.

RAVENWOOD Here, along the beach. I think you two just want a nice, cool spot where you can frolic in the water.

INDY I've gone over all of the pirate captain's journals. He and his crew had to have made landfall here, on this beach.

ARIANNA He's right. Geographically, it makes sense. The most recent finds are tools a Spanish sailing crew would use to farm crops or build shelter. Those finds were made back at the camp. Our camp's about two miles away from the beach.

INDY If the pirate buried his treasure anywhere, it would be around here. He always wrote about coming back to this beach, and I don't think it was for love of the ocean.

Ravenwood ponders this, then...

RAVENWOOD Okay, you've sold me. Arianna, go back to camp and assemble a digging team for tomorrow to begin excavating. And, include Belloq as well.


RAVENWOOD I know none of you care for him, but I do want him to learn something while he's here.


Arianna EXITS, leaving Ravenwood and Indy alone.

RAVENWOOD How did you make the connection? The pirate captain's journal was written in code, which then translated into sanskrit.

INDY Just a matter of deciphering it into latin, then translating that into English. Wasn't at all difficult.

RAVENWOOD Your sarcasm makes up for your ego, Indiana. You're going to be quite the archeologist one day. Just remember it's not all about facts and calculations. It's about faith to certain extent. (a beat) I'll be leaving for two weeks to conduct some business back in the states. During that time, I want all of you scowering this site for the medallion. The one that finds it becomes my one, and only, assistant. (another beat) You have been one of my best students these past six months, Indy. I have a feeling you will be the one to find the prize.

INDY Thank you, Professor.

Ravenwood and Indy are interrupted by the ENTRANCE of a 15 year old girl. She is Abner's daughter, MARION RAVENWOOD. A total tomboy, she approaches her father and Indy.

MARION Hey dad, hi Indy.

RAVENWOOD Ah, my daughter, just what trouble have you gotten yourself into this day?

MARION Just wondering if you guys wanted some lemonade or something?

RAVENWOOD That sounds perfect. Why don't your run along and get them for us.

MARION Sure. Bye Indy.

Indy smiles at Marion who runs off.

RAVENWOOD I think she like you, Indy. Just remember, she's fifteen.

INDY Understood, sir.




Castle Birkenshire stands forebodingly over the English Moors, with the rising sun and the atlantic coast as back drop and scenery. A large dock filled with ships and boats of all sorts stands near the ocean, a ways from the castle.

A car pulls up alongside other automobiles and is greeted by GUARDS. Collins EXITS, along with Lugor. He walks toward the great door when an AIDE approaches, carrying a set of dark purple robes with him.

AIDE Lord Collins... Lord Collins.


Collins takes the robes from the aide and continues walking while he puts them on over his suit.

AIDE We've received word from Sir Goring. Professor Jones and Ms. Smith escaped.

Collins stops.

COLLINS Escaped?

AIDE Yes, lord.

COLLINS Intriguing. (to Lugor) He's more resourceful than I thought.

Collins and Lugor resume walking, along with the Aide into the castle.


The entryway is decorated with purple banners and lined with GUARDS in light armor. Each carries a machine gun.

COLLINS (to Aide) Keep this to yourself. When the rest of the lords are informed, I'll deal with them. Understood?

AIDE Completely, lord.

COLLINS Lugor, take a company of knights and go into the city. Look in the universities and libraries. He'll try to research my work if Arianna's still with him.

LUGOR They will be taken care of.

Lugor gives a salute, turns around, and EXITS. Collins finds himself in front of a large, iron door. It opens, admitting him into...


The great hall is the meeting place of the Dark Knights. Banners of purple, black, and red decorate the room, along with paintings and other art pieces. Around the room stand guards in modernized, black armor. Instead of swords, they carry rifles.

In the center is an obsidian round table. Seated about it are the lords of the Dark Knights. They each wear robes of purple, black, and red with business suits underneath. These people are Collins' employers.

The oldest of the Lords, and their leader, MARKOTE, stands to address Collins.


COLLINS The journal has been secured. The piece we have been in possession of is a perfect match. We should be off to Enigma in two days time.

Another Lord, BENNETH, slightly younger than Markote, asks Collins more questions.

BENNETH And, what of the woman and Dr. Jones?

COLLINS Dead. There is no leftover business concerning them. All that is left is to retrieve the sword.

MARKOTE All in good time. We want to be sure all proceeds smoothly and without note to our adversaries.

COLLINS The Society shall remain in the same darkness that allows them to follow the original, flawed teachings. The Dark Knights of Mordred will triumph. It is our destiny.

BENNETH Spare us the litany, Collins. That seems to be all can you deliver to us.

COLLINS You doubt me, Lord Benneth?

BENNETH I doubt the boy who needed to rely on his teacher to find a simple journal of a drunken, Spaniard louse. What if the conquistador was mistaken? What if that book you hold is nothing more than alcoholic delusions?

COLLINS This is the true testament of the sword's discovery. It will be our guide to its recovery!

BENNETH Seems more like the continued tirade of a failed archaeologist.

Collins stands in disgrace. It looks as if some of the other lords agree with Benneth.

COLLINS Are these the thoughts of the entire round table? Or, just the paranoid nightmares of an angry, squire-like lord?!

The lords are taken aback by Collins' insult. Benneth sits there and takes it.

COLLINS Sandoval Conquilla found the sword. Here is the proof you heirs of Thomas need for your eyes.

Collins opens the book and holds it up for all to see. He turns around slowly, letting everyone get a good look. Any doubt left is washed away by what is on the page.

What is on the page is a drawing of a symbol.

LORD#1 (whispering) The symbol for unity of england!

LORD #2 (whispering) Unseen for countless centuries

MARKOTE Excalibur!

COLLINS The sword will be ours again. It will pave our way to glory. And I will bring it back from the shadows of the past!

With that, Collins EXITS, leaving the Lords all worked up.


Indy, now dressed in his traditional attire, and Arianna, in what is her traditional attire, make their way across the busy streets of London.

ARIANNA Collins has been a colleague, a friend, for more than three years. I never saw this coming at all.

INDY Betrayal's a pretty nasty thing. It comes upon you when, and from whom, you least expect it.

ARIANNA I suppose you'd know all about that.

Indy's about to turn around and tell Arianna off when a double- decker bus almost runs them over as they try to cross a street. They barely get out of the way.

ARIANNA If you don't mind my asking, just where the hell are we going?!

INDY (pointing) There.

Arianna looks ahead to see one of London's great libraries just a few blocks away.

ARIANNA A library? What for?

INDY The symbol we saw on that guard and the others at the castle. I've seen it before. It may give us more information on who's supporting Collins.


Indy and Arianna, arms filled with books, grab a table and drop the books onto it.

INDY Look at family crests and Knight crests. See anything that resembles the symbol on the armband. Check especially during...

Indy takes the book and goes through the pages.

INDY ... this section.

ARIANNA Thanks, but I think I could have found it myself.

INDY We don't have time to argue. We need to find as much information as we can before going to the authorities.

ARIANNA The authorities? Whatever for?

INDY To have them go after Collins, what else?

Indy goes back to work as Arianna looks at him dumb founded.

ARIANNA 30 years ago, you would have been after Collins yourself. To hell with whatever stood in your way, if anyone betrayed you like that, you'd grow wings and fly after them!

INDY Times change. So do people.

ARIANNA Obviously.

Indy rolls his eyes and goes back to his search. So does Arianna and she hits pay dirt.

ARIANNA I think I found it.

Indy leans over to get a look.

INDY That's it. (reading) Dark Ages Sect, The Knights of Mordred.

ARIANNA Mordred? I thought he was only a creation of Thomas Mallory's.

INDY Apparently not. Mallory may have based that character on an actual historical figure involved, we really don't know.

This crest is rather obscure. All historical record of it disappeared after the 1100s. I remember reading about a dig south of Cornwall that found artifacts from this group about 12 years ago.

ARIANNA What did they find?

INDY Not much, the dig was shut down because of the war. They were believed to be an actual offshoot of the knights of the roundtable, or the historical equivalent. They didn't amount to much more than peasant stories.

ARIANNA But, why follow the villain of the story? That doesn't make much sense.

INDY They didn't agree with Arthur's way of life. I mean, look what it got him. These people weren't trying to be good and chivalrous. They believed in immediate power and iron-fisted rule.

They died out around the time of the black plague. At least, historical records of them died out at that time. Who knows, they may have survived to this day.

ARIANNA That's pushing it just a bit, Henry.

Indy looks outside to see a familiar sight. Lugor and his men walking through the library, looking for them.

INDY Time to check out.

ARIANNA What...?

INDY Company. Come on!

Indy and Arianna get up and run. One of Lugor's knights sees them and alerts him.


Indy and Arianna EXIT. Suddenly, three Bentleys with Dark Knight flags start up and drive toward them. They seem them and run away.

Lugor and company EXIT the library and pack into the parking cars.

Indy and Arianna run, trying to find some means of escape.

ARIANNA How did they find us?

INDY Collins must know we escaped. That means he's here in Britain

ARIANNA I don't see any options. We're going to have to turn and fight.

INDY You gotta be kidding!

ARIANNA Well, if you have a better suggestion!

Indy sees one as she says her line.

INDY I do!

Indy grabs Arianna and heads for a stopping double-decker bus.


Passengers begin to disembark when Indy and Arianna barge in. Indy's got his gun out and points it up in the air.


He fires a round, which goes through the second compartment. Arianna slaps Indy on the back of the head.

ARIANNA There could have been people up there!

Indy shrugs as the bus is emptied. The driver runs off as Indy gets in the driver's seat and looks it over.

INDY This is almost as bad as flying a plane.

Machine gun fires riddles the compartment. The Dark Knight Bentleys are getting close.

ARIANNA What in god's name are we doing hi- jacking a bus?!

Indy guns the gas pedal and takes off!

INDY (with sly grin) Trust me!


What ensues is the greatest double-decker bus/Car chase ever put on film. The bus and the Bentleys enter heavy traffic. Dark Knight car #1 pulls along side the bus, trying to get a shot off at Indy.

Bad idea. Indy swerves the bus violently to the left, ramming it off the road and into a nearby building.

Car #2, driven by Lugor, is smarter. He pulls up near the back of the bus. 3 knights get out onto the sideboard of the car and jump to the bus, grabbing hold and trying to get inside.

While all this is happening, Indy's trying frantically to avoid as many accidents as possible, violently swerving all over the street.


Arianna looks back to see the 3 knights ENTERING the bus.

ARIANNA Trouble!

Indy looks back and sees them.

INDY Grab the wheel!

ARIANNA No, you're doing a good enough job tearing up the streets. I'll handle this.

INDY Arianna this is no time for...!

ARIANNA Watch the road!

Arianna charges down the aisle to face the Knights as Indy turns his attention to the traffic outside.

Arianna sizes up the knights, then charges forward. The bus jerks, hitting a bump, sending Arianna flying foward, knocking an already off balance knight into the one behind him, and so on. The knights falls domino style out of the bus.


Lugor, in his car, shakes his head, and moves his car back to the left side of the bus. He turns the wheel and slams his car repeatedly into its side. Indy can barely keep it going straight.

Indy looks ahead to see a car parking, just in Lugor's path. Indy turns the wheel toward Lugor's car, boxing him in. He hits the parked vehicle head on, causing a massive crash.

Lugor gets out of his car, slightly dazed and very pissed off. He watches the last Dark Knight car make its attack run.


The interior of the bus is a shambles. Most of the windows are broken and the left side of the bus is caving in from all the dents. Indy can barely keep the bus straight as he sees his worst nightmare, oncoming traffic. Indy's going down the wrong way of a one way street!


The bus piles into cars, smashing them off the road. The last Dark Knight car uses the bus as a shield, staying behind it. They get closer and its occupants get onto the side boards and prepare to jump ship.


Arianna makes her way warily back to the driver's area, where Indy's trying to get out of everyone's way.

ARIANNA Get us off this street!

INDY Don't you think I'm trying?!

ARIANNA Get off at that...!!

INDY Look!! Do you want to drive?!

A sound from the back gets their attention. 3 Dark Knights are inside, ready to fight.


One knight, carrying a MACHINE GUN, climbs up to the second level. He gets in and makes his way carefully to the front of the bus.


Arianna goes off to meet the opposition. Indy drives and now has another Dark Knight car to deal with, along with the unseen Machine Gun up top.

Arianna is able to take out two Knights, but the third gets a punch in that knocks her down. He kneels down to face her and grabs her by the throat.


More vehicular mayhem occurs. Indy's able to get off the one way street and slam the last Dark Knight car into a police box. Machine Gun is now at the front of the bus and takes his gun off his shoulder.


Indy checks back and sees how bad Arianna is faring. He gets up to help her, but has to steer the bus away from another potential accident. He's gonna get up again when he hears the tell tale sound of a machine gun priming.

He looks up to the ceiling as Machine Gun lets loose with a full barrage. Indy ducks his head down and, miraculously, he isn't harmed! Each bullet rips apart the area around him. Thank god for all the bumpy driving.

Indy takes out his own pistol and returns fire, sending Machine Gun running for cover.

Meanwhile, Arianna is still being choked by the BRUTE. He fights her attempts to get back up, all the while struggling to get a knife out from his boot.

Indy takes out his whip and lashes it to a support for the second level. He ties the other end around the wheel and runs towards Arianna.

Up top, Machine Gun reloads and hears Indy running. He follows the sound to the rear of the bus.


The bus gets hit by an oncoming car. The impact is enough to turn the wheel, sending the bus down another street.


Indy has his gun out, ready to fire, when Arianna finds the leverage to finally kick the guy straight in the stomach. He falls against the other wall, doubled over in pain.

He's about to get back up when, from the second level, Machine Gun opens fire on the Brute, mistaking the sound of his fall for Indy!


Another impact jars the wheel and sends the bus down another corner... with a dead end!!!


Brute falls dead and Machine Gun has to un-jam his weapon. Indy grabs Arianna trying to get her to cover, but Arianna catches sight of the windshield. She sees the oncoming brick wall they are about to hit. Indy sees it to.

He tackles Arianna to the floor and gets on top of her to shield her body. Machine Gun clears his weapon and hears the thump Indy and Arianna make when they hit the bus floor.

He smiles as he knows his target now and will not fail. He glances up casually to see the oncoming brick wall. Off his reaction.


The bus collides head on with the brick wall, causing an immense crash. A shower of glass and other debris rain down upon the street.


The sudden stop sends Machine Gun into flight, headfirst into the brick wall, killing him instantly.

Below, Indy and Arianna get up cautiously, dusting off broken glass. They stand up and look at the carnage, then at each other, barely believing they survived.


Bystanders come to look at the wrecked bus and the equally wrecked building.

Indy and Arianna gingerly EXIT the bus, only to find a few POLICE OFFICERS ready to take them in for obvious reasons.


Within the castle, Collins is hard at work, studying the journal. He has several books out on maps, spanish language forms, and codes. Collins appears to be frustrated. After a minute of working on a particular bit of the course, Collins angrily pushes the map he's looking at to the ground.

He sits down, in front of a black metal lockbox. He picks up a gold key from his desk and opens it. He marvels at the hidden contents, which give off a purple glow. The light makes Collins appear very sinister.

A knock at his door breaks the spell. Collins closes and locks the box fast.

COLLINS What is it?

The door opens and a robed SERVANT ENTERS.

SERVANT A report from the dockmaster, sir. The boat shall be ready to set off at first light. All that is needed is the finished course.

COLLINS Tell him I will have deciphered the course from the journal before tomorrow's launch. We will continue on our schedule. Now, get out.

The Servant quickly closes the doors. Collins goes back to his maps and his notes. But, after a few beats, he returns to his frustration as he throws a handful of notes across the room.


Arianna waits outside with two POLICE OFFICERS as Indy EXITS with an EMBASSY SPOKESMAN. He goes to the policemen, speaks with them, and gets Arianna and Indy released. Indy shakes the embassy spokesman's hand and walks away with Arianna.

ARIANNA How did you do it?

INDY Do what?

ARIANNA Get us off the hook like that? We practically destroyed half of London's east side?

INDY I have a few... lets just call them "friends," in the embassy and back home, that owe me some very large favors.

ARIANNA Who, exactly?

Indy stops and looks straight at Arianna. He pauses in between each word he says, to drive the point home.

INDY Top men.

Arianna tries to comprehend that as Indy continues. They near the street when two Sedans quickly pull up to the curb. They have flags similar to the Dark Knight cars. Indy and Arianna are ready to run, but they find themselves surrounded by large, hulking figures in business suits who approach them from either side.

The door of one of the cars opens, admitting an older, English gentleman, named MILLER.

MILLER Dr. Jones, Dr. Smith. Would you please come with us?

ARIANNA (a beat) Well... pardon me if we're not all that polite, but just who the hell are you?!!

MILLER All the questions I am sure you have will be answered. Just come with us, please?

Indy looks back at Arianna. They really don't have a choice. They carefully ENTER the car. The MEN on the street file into the second auto. The two sedans speed off into traffic.



The sedans drive through the English countryside to Castle Avalon, a bright and less oppressive building than Birkenshire.


Indy and Arianna are led by Miller to a set of large doors. Everything is an exact opposite of Birkenshire. Bright blue banners, unarmed, ceremonial guards, there are no robes here.


The main hall of Avalon is large, open, and airy. It also bustles with activity. It's like a command center. Radio technicians work in one corner, cartographers work in another. Researchers toil away on a second level and in the heart of it sits a large, polished round table.

Seated around it are the OFFICIALS. They are all older gentlemen, clad in business suits. They are currently in a heated discussion over something when Miller, Indy, and Arianna ENTER.

MILLER Sirs, the archaeologists Indiana Jones and Arianna Smith have arrived.

The argument stops. Miller walks past them to take his seat next to the leader of this organization, OLIVER.

MILLER They've been through a rather trying time gents, so let's not be too rough on them.

OLIVER Wilkes!

Wilkes, a servant, approaches Oliver.


OLIVER Fetch our guests some refreshments and have a doctor see to their wounds. From what I hear, the two of you have been in quite a scrap.

INDY What we'd really like are some answers.

ARIANNA (a beat) But the drinks and the doctors would be nice too.

OLIVER Not to worry, madam. As for you Dr. Jones, that's the main reason why we brought you here.

Wilkes goes off and brings back two glasses of water for Indy and Arianna. They are seated at the opposite end of the table from Oliver.

Oliver stands and addresses them both.

OLIVER Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the two of you were in league with Sebastion Collins?

INDY I was his teacher back in the states and Arianna was a friend. We came with him as colleagues to recover a stolen journal, until he betrayed us.

OLIVER And nothing more.

INDY Nothing more that I'm willing to say at this point. Just who are you people?

OLIVER I would think that would be quite obvious. We are the Knights of the Round table.

Off Indy and Arianna's reactions.

MILLER Actually, the official title is "Society of the Roundtable," but then, we aren't very official these days.

ARIANNA The round table is nothing more than a dark ages myth. It may have had historical equivalents, but...

OLIVER Of which we are descended. King Arthur, Merlin, Mordred, Gwenivere, Lancelot, and especially Excalibur. They are the forefathers, and the legacy, of each and every person here. Nowadays, our work is more... how shall I say it, behind the scenes. But, we still stand true to Arthur's original code of chivalry. Courage, Skill, Loyalty, and Self-Control.

Each official closes their eyes and crosses themselves while Oliver recites the code.

MILLER Unlike our foul brethren over the hills and towards the sea.

ARIANNA The Knights of Mordred.

OLIVER You know something of us, fair madam. The Dark Knights of Mordred are our sworn enemies, and our once and future brothers.

INDY What do you people do here? If you are so secretive, what's the point?

OLIVER The world has grown tired of our ilk. Magic, superstition, even God has fallen to man's way side. Our help would not be wanted or believed. We'd be written off as silly mad men. So, we give it without civilization's knowledge. We have been doing so for nearly a thousand years.

ARIANNA And the Dark Knights?

OFFICIAL #1 They want power. They want to take the world by force and rule it to their own glory. They have forsaken the code, believing it to be a sham.

OLIVER Our job has been keeping them in the shadows with us. But, our secret war has broken out into full blown, historical conflicts all too often.

ARIANNA And, this all centers around Excalibur somehow?

OLIVER Collins let you in on that much, did he?

INDY All Collins told us was a group of ex-Nazis were intent on finding the sword to re-establish themselves as a world power. It seemed far fetched, but my experience with the Nazis made me think otherwise.

OLIVER We're familiar with your exploits against the third reich, Dr. Jones. No need to explain. (a beat) The two of you are perhaps the best minds in your field. That is why, with a heavy heart, we have brought you here to... dissuade you from your pursuit.


OFFICIAL #2 Because, what you are intruding on is a 1000 year old power struggle. Both groups have fought over and over for Excalibur. The schism occurred on the very battle field that claimed Arthur's life. Sir Bedeviere did not throw the sword into the lake as Arthur commanded him. He rode off into mystery. What was left of the round table split, one intent on following Arthur's laws, the other with less than noble goals.

MILLER We had hoped the struggle was put to an end in the 13th century. Dark Knights were able to unearth the sword from Cadbury Hill, Arthur's final resting place. We presume Bedeviere hid it there before his own death. We pursued them across the globe, trying to prevent their unholy ceremony of conversion.

ARIANNA Ceremony?

OLIVER You see, the sword knows the true heart of its wielder and can punish those with darkened souls. A vile ceremony must be performed to pervert the will of Excalibur.

OFFICIAL #1 Our forces recovered the sword, at a great personal cost, and hid it in one of the coastal islands off of Spain.

INDY And, Sandoval Conquilla comes along in the 1400s and rediscovers it. You've known about Enigma all along, haven't you?

MILLER It was my great, great, great, great, great grandfather who convinced the conquistador to never reveal the true route back. He took the shame history would label him with to keep the sword an eternal secret.

OFFICIAL #2 He is an honored man within our ranks.

ARIANNA Too bad he wrote all about it in his journal.

OLIVER Too bad, yes, but he was smart enough to encode it. We had ownership of it and many of his personal effects after he died. We kept it in a castle with our brothers in France. The Dark Knights took control of the castle and everything inside its vaults months ago.

INDY And yet Collins could never find it. He needed us to uncover the journal for him.

OLIVER Sebastion Collins is an inept archaeologist. (to Indy) No insult is meant to you, sir, I'm sure you are a fine teacher. He just wasn't a fine student. We doubt he will encode the route, and even then, we have a small garrison on the island. Collins will not be able to retrieve it.

ARIANNA I wouldn't sell the kid too short, sir. This is a very important sword we're talking about.

INDY She's right, you cannot assume he'll simply fail. He's been able to come this far.

OLIVER We do not intend to rest upon our laurels, Dr. Jones. Rest assured, measures have been taken to ensure Excalibur remains a secret and will be there to greet its future heir. But, we do not wish you to become embroiled in a struggle that is not your own.

ARIANNA Now wait a minute. This is our struggle. The fate of the world depends on whether or not Collins gets lucky and gets past you and a coded journal. We have a...

INDY You're correct, sirs. This isn't our fight at all.

Arianna stands in shock at what Indy has said.

ARIANNA (sotto vocce) Indy?

INDY (to Officials) If you can allow us a night's rest, we will be on our way in the morning.

OLIVER We'll see to your transportation back to America. Thank you, Dr. Jones and thank you Dr. Smith. You both show great concern and courage, but you also show great intelligence. I thank you for listening to reason.

The officials stand and start to leave. Indy walks off with a servant to be shown to his room. Arianna stares at him in continued disbelief.


Collins is still at work when Benneth ENTERS.

BENNETH Am I disturbing you?


BENNETH Good. (a beat) We received word from Lugor and his men. Apparently, Indiana Jones and the woman are quite alive. They have escaped our captain of the knights, and you, again!

COLLINS (a beat) I... I was not aware he escaped France. That doesn't matter.

BENNETH It may. If you cannot decipher the course...

COLLINS (angry) I will decipher it! This is a simple code, created by a simple man! My knowledge will best his puny efforts!

BENNETH I wonder, if you are referring to Conquilla or Jones?

COLLINS (a beat) Wonder what you will. You are disturbing my work and impeding the retrieval of Excalibur. Leave me, at once!

Benneth slowly departs, leaving Collins to sweat it out over the journal entry.


Indy stands on a watch tower, looking out across the vast countryside. He hears footsteps behind him and sees Arianna ENTERING. She looks mad.

ARIANNA I can not believe you. What happened to you that took the wind from your sails? You are not the man I once knew, Henry Jones.

Indy turns back to looking at the countryside. He stands there, silent, with his back to Arianna.

ARIANNA Are you just going to stand there? Stand still for the rest of your life and let others do it all for you? (a beat) Answer me, dammit!!

Indy turns around.

INDY There's no point in arguing with these guys, Arianna.

ARIANNA Bullshi...!

INDY (interrupts) ... when the two of us are still going to go after Collins.

Arianna's anger turns to surprise.


INDY I'd rather not have them on our backs as well. I'm not about to just sit around and let Collins retrieve Excalibur.

ARIANNA That's not how you were in the library, back in London.

INDY (a beat) That's something I've had to come to grips with. Learning that the fate of the world is in check kind of helps a man to change his mind. (a beat) My... my choices are small in comparison to the danger Collins represents. And, he betrayed me.

ARIANNA So, we're doing this? Together?

INDY We have to. We were once a good team in our youth.

ARIANNA A pretty damn good team, if you ask me.

INDY I know we still don't trust each other. But, we're going to have to let that go now. Are you with me?

Indy proffers his hand.

ARIANNA (a beat) I'm with you.

Arianna reaches out and takes his hand. Off Indy's reaction as we...



The pristine beach is now a collection of deep pits, being worked on by several WORKERS. Looking over two pits, sits Belloq, in his chair and parasol. In another, Indy is hard at work alongside other workers, clearing out dirt and mud.

Near a tent, Arianna is combing through books, notes, and an ancient book for clues.

Indy gets out of his pit, telling his men to take a break. Exhausted, he walks back to the tents.

BELLOQ Any luck, Mr. Jones?

INDY We're... we're getting there. How about you?

BELLOQ I'm sure the treasure is waiting for us in some unknown pocket of soil. It will be mine before sundown.

INDY (sarcastic) Sure.

Indy arrives at the tent, next to Arianna as he grabs a canteen of water and pours it over his face.

ARIANNA Any luck?

INDY None. At least I can take comfort in the deluded notion that Belloq's probably way off. (a beat) What if I'm wrong? What if we're all digging in the wrong place because I'm making this up as I go?

ARIANNA You're not making this up as you go, you're following your instincts, Indy. And, they're pretty good instincts. The trick is to find it in the pirate's journals. Somewhere in this, he hid the location. It's just... all this goddamn sanskrit coding is... ARGGHHH!!!

Arianna tosses the book aside in frustration. Indy picks it up.

INDY Maybe a partnership is in order.


INDY I've got the brilliant instincts and the translating abilities, you've got the beautiful brain. We've teamed up in ... other ways lately...let's do this together.

Indy twirls one of his fingers in Arianna's hair. She smiles as she extricates Indy's finger from her hair.

ARIANNA But Abner wants one of us to find the treasure. He's only picking one assistant.

INDY If he sees the two of us came together and worked towards this one goal, he'll pick both of us. I see nothing wrong in sharing the glory.

ARIANNA Is it just glory you want to share?

INDY For now. I'm open to any other "partnerships" that may come along the way. What do you say?

Indy proffers his hand to Arianna.

ARIANNA Okay, we're partners.


Sand and dirt starts flying out of the large pit opening as cries of victory are heard from Indy and Arianna. Two hands shoot out, holding a gold MEDALLION, the same one from Raiders!

The other diggers turn around and cheer. They found it. Belloq kicks his chair in anger. Indy and Arianna are carried out of the pit by the workers in triumph. They stare at each other grinning, almost kissing, but they hold back, still happy in the moment, but unsure of the feelings they have for each other.



At the dock, a large ship is being loaded with supplies. Several horses are lead into holds filled with hay. Collins oversees this as Lugor approaches him.

LUGOR Cargo and supplies are nearly loaded.

COLLINS How about the troop contingent?

LUGOR We have an armored force of 30 Knights. If there are any Society forces awaiting us on Enigma, we are prepared to face them.


Indy and Arianna carefully crawl along the ground to the edge of the hill to overlook the dock.

INDY (surveying) Well, looks like they're planning a pretty big trip.

ARIANNA And they're bringing the whole family along. Look.

Arianna points out a large group of armored knights ENTERING the ship.

INDY Should make things fun. How do you suggest we get aboard?

ARIANNA On the other side of the dock is the cargo area. They're lifting crates into the ship's hold. This hilltop stretches into the coastline. We follow it down and sneak into a crate.

INDY Sounds good. Let's go.

The two EXIT.


Collins is still overseeing the last of the preparations as Markote and Benneth approach him.

COLLINS Your lordships. Come to see us off?

MARKOTE Lord Benneth will be accompanying you on the voyage to oversee a successful retrieval.

COLLINS Lord, I am not in need of a chaperone.

MARKOTE Lord Benneth requested to go with you. And, I hear that Jones and Smith are not dead, that they have escaped your men in London.

COLLINS The man is more resourceful than I thought.

MARKOTE Resourceful? Is that all you have to say about your mistake?

As the discussion continues, we see Indy and Arianna make their way into a cargo crate in the background. Indy has to quickly fight a guard before they conceal themselves in a crate. This is all background action.

COLLINS My plan was full proof. I'm still not sure how they were able to escape the pit at all.

BENNETH It doesn't matter how they escaped, Collins. What matters is the threat the two of them represent.

COLLINS Well then, do you wish to call off the entire journey? Do you want to put 1000 years of struggle and search on hold until the body of Indiana Jones is delivered before you?

MARKOTE Perhaps we should. Excalibur can wait.

In the background, the crane lifting the crates into the ship's hold grabs the one Indy and Arianna are in.

BENNETH It has waited for over a 1000 years, another day will not mean the end of our struggle.

COLLINS We're talking about a simple professor of archaeology! A man, who searches for small trinkets in South American jungles and peddles them to an engorged museum full of trite relics! For god's sake, it's not like the man found the bloody ark of the covenant!!

BENNETH You needed him to find the journal. If anything, he is, at the very least, a better archaeologist than you.

The insult burns Collins bad. He's red with anger.

COLLINS I am the man who will find Excalibur, not Jones!! Then, we'll know for certain who is truly the best!


Indy and Arianna peer carefully over the lip of the crate. They see Collins storm away from Markote and Benneth. Indy and Arianna look at their foe with contempt as they are lowered out of sight and into the cargo hold.


Sailors and deck hands work to release the ship from her moors. She sets out to sea.


A sailor checks the crates and then EXITS the hold. After a few beats, the side of a crate breaks open. Indy and Arianna EXIT it and look around.

ARIANNA No one's around.

INDY What next?

ARIANNA I don't know. Do you want to storm the bridge or the engine room?

INDY Neither. We need to get to Collins' room, see if he's made any progress with the journal. You got a better look at it back at the castle, what do you think his chances are?

ARIANNA Slim. Languages became my strong suit after... after Abner's camp and it took me a while to recognize the slang form. Collins may take forever and then some. I'm not even sure I could translate it.

INDY All the same, let's concentrate on getting the book.

ARIANNA And then what? How do we escape?

INDY Remember the old times?

ARIANNA (a beat, realizes) Henry, stop making this up as you go and actual think things through for a change!

Indy smiles as he goes to the door.


The door creeps open as Indy cautiously checks. The coast is clear. He and Arianna quietly ENTER the corridor. They whisper to each other.

ARIANNA Now what?

INDY I'm thinking.

ARIANNA You couldn't have devised a plan in the crate?!

INDY (a beat) Okay, what do you suggest?

ARIANNA I'll try to find Collins' cabin. Either he or the journal will be there. You got to the bridge, find out our course, and check back here.

INDY That's crazy!

ARIANNA It's all we can do! If we find the course, we can radio someone. British Navy, American Navy, anyone. We create some disturbance on the deck when they show up, and we'll expose these guys.

INDY You thought of that all by yourself?

ARIANNA Shut up and get to it!

Arianna goes off, leaving Indy in a huff.


We intercut in between Indy creeping along the halls, dodging sailors and crew members and Arianna making her way along the cabin doors.


Arianna sees Collins' name on the door. She puts her ear to it, hears nothing. She puts her hand on the door knob and starts to turn.


From the glass porthole on the door, we see one HELMSMAN manning the wheel. Indy backs away from the porthole and raises his fist near the door.


A quick knock on the door gets the Helmsman's attention. He opens the door and is quickly set upon by Indy, who disables him. He stuffs his unconscious body in a supply closet in the back. Indy moves to the maps and tries to determine their course.


Collins' cabin is just as ramshackle as his study at Birkenshire. Books and maps are thrown about. A chalkboard shows a haphazard number of courses and erasures.

Arianna creeps through, looking for the book. She passes the black, metal lock box from before. She stops and shudders, almost in unexplainable fear. She doesn't know why it scares her, but she doesn't have the time to investigate it and continues her search.


Indy looks at the course, which has no apparent destination when he hears footsteps. He crams himself into the closet with the unconscious helmsman as Collins, Benneth, Lugor, and a few SAILORS ENTER.

BENNETH ...And our course! No destination. Does Enigma exist under the sea with Atlantis?

COLLINS Enigma isn't on any map. Our course leads to the coordinates I specified...

BENNETH (interrupting) And re-specify and re-specify! You constantly change it!

COLLINS Your point?

BENNETH You don't know where we are going. You haven't the faintest clue!

Benneth storms out. He stops just shy of the door and turns back to get in one last taunt.

BENNETH You should have taken Jones alive at the castle. At least he could have found the "correct" course.

Benneth EXITS. Off Collins' angered reaction.


Arianna's going through a pile of paperwork on the desk and on the floor. Still no luck.


Indy stands perfectly still when the unconscious helmsman begins to stir and moan.


Collins and Lugor hear the moan.


Indy clamps his hand on the helmsman's mouth, trying to keep him silent, but to no avail. The door is thrown open and Indy's pulled out.

Lifted a foot off the deck, Indy is spun around to come face to face with Lugor.

LUGOR (sneering) Stowaway.

Lugor tosses Indy to the deck and finds himself looking up at Collins.

COLLINS (to Lugor) Check my cabin, Smith may be there.

Lugor EXITS. Indy is about to get up, but Collins slams his foot onto Indy's shoulder, pinning him. Collins pulls out a gun and levels it right at Indy.

COLLINS Don't move.


Arianna still searches through the papers when she finally finds the book!


Just then, the cabin door is thrown open by Lugor and two Knights. They aim rifles at her.



Arianna is dragged into the bridge and thrown next to Indy. Knights hold them at bay with guns and rifle as Collins and Lugor look over their captives.

ARIANNA (to Indy) Hi.

INDY Hi back.

COLLINS I never used to believe the old axiom, "all things come to those who wait." Now, I must say, I am a true believer.

INDY How about "what goes around, comes around?"

LUGOR The woman was trying to steal this.

Lugor hands Collins the journal.

COLLINS Oh, Arianna, trying to steal what isn't yours. (a beat) I'll give you an... opportunity. You translate and decode the entries here for the course to Enigma, and you and Dr.Jones will die quickly and painlessly.

ARIANNA (a beat) Why don't you translate it? Or can you, Sebastion?

Collins walks to the window, stewing in his anger.

ARIANNA You couldn't translate a kid's decoder ring.

COLLINS (a beat, to Lugor) Show her how much I dislike that kind of attitude.

Lugor nods yes and grabs Indy. He delivers a swift and painful punch to Indy's stomach. Indy doubles over in pain.

COLLINS It doesn't take much for his fists to rupture vital organs. I've seen a man take seven punches before he died.

While Collins speaks, Lugor punches Indy once more. Indy's eyes practically roll back into his head. He won't be able to take much more.

ARIANNA (hesitant, trying to be strong) You... you think I care?

Another punch, and another. Indy can't hold it in and cries out. Lugor pulls back for another when...

ARIANNA ALL RIGHT!! (a beat) I'll translate the damn thing.

COLLINS Good. I thought you'd see it my way. (to Knights) Take them below. When they're finished with the book, kill them.

Indy and Arianna are carted off.


Indy and Arianna are tossed inside. The book, a map, and some pencils are given to them. The Knights EXIT, closing the door, leaving the two alone. Arianna goes to work.



Arianna finishes her work. She knocks on the door and the Knight takes the map and the book.

KNIGHT You have one hour, make the most of it.

He leaves and seals the door. Arianna goes to Indy and sits next to him.

ARIANNA Any ideas?

Indy nods no. He still hurts from Lugor's abuse. Arianna and Indy sit quietly. This is an awkward moment.

ARIANNA Well... this is it then.

INDY (a beat, weakly) I didn't think I'd die in the cargo hold of a rusted out tub.

ARIANNA I didn't think I'd die.

INDY Oh, you plan to live forever?

ARIANNA No. I wanted to die of old age, not be killed.

The door is thrown open. Collins and a Knight ENTER.

COLLINS Take her to the other hold.

INDY What are you going to do with her? You told us we had another hour!

COLLINS You aren't in a position to dictate anything to me! (to Knight) Remove her.

The Knight takes Arianna by the arm and leads her out. She looks back at Indy, before she EXITS.

COLLINS She's a spirited woman. I can see why you'd be interested in someone like...

INDY Shut up!

COLLINS Touchy aren't we?

INDY What do you want? To gloat? To kill me yourself?

COLLINS No. I just wanted to look at you. I wanted to see you beaten, broken, and failed.

INDY (a beat) Are you happy?

COLLINS No, I had hoped for a better sight than the one I see before me. Maybe your bullet ridden corpse will give me more delight.

INDY What do you get out of this little venture, besides my death? What have the Dark Knights of Mordred promised you?

COLLINS A seat at the table of power, Jones. I'm going to have a hand in the recreation of society. We'll transform civilization into something more efficient and effective than the chaotic clap trap we suffer through now.

INDY You're mad.

COLLINS What's so mad about wanting power and glory? You've looked for it long enough and what has it got you? Your futile meanderings have given you the glory of a classroom and a tenure. What I have to gain is world domination!

INDY If your friend Benneth has his way, you won't have much after you find Excalibur.

COLLINS I'll find it and I'll show them how good I am, how I'm better than them... and you.

INDY Why, Sebastion? Why do you hate me?

COLLINS Yes, I hate you. I hate everything you've done to me.

INDY What? What have I ever done to you? I taught you, helped you with your first expeditions, I...

COLLINS You made me into a piss poor archaeologist. You made me like you!

INDY Sebastion... I only tried to help. (a beat) I was proud of you.

COLLINS I don't want your pride. I want your life. I want my revenge.

Collins spits in Indy's face and sneers. He walks away as Indy wipes the spittle away.

INDY Let Arianna go! You have no reason to hate her!

COLLINS I have more than enough reason to despise her.

INDY What reasons? How could she have wronged you worse than I? Why won't you let her go?!

COLLINS Because you wish it.

He EXITS, as Arianna is thrown back in. She runs to Indy, being concerned over his disheartened look.

ARIANNA What's wrong?

INDY I never knew, I never knew he believed I was the reason for his failures, why he never became more.

ARIANNA The only person he can blame is himself, Henry. You shouldn't shoulder his misplaced burden.

Indy and Arianna see another KNIGHT ENTER and walk to them.

ARIANNA Not again.

The knight walks right to them.

SPY Didn't you listen to what the Officials told you? This isn't your fight!


INDY You aren't...

SPY I'm from the Society. Get up, we haven't got much time.


Indy, Arianna, and the Spy make their way stealthily across the deck. A searchlight pans across the boat, but not near them.

INDY What are you doing here?

SPY I was supposed to sabotage the engines and leave the ship stranded in the ocean, but you two are aboard. My orders now are to get you both safely off.

ARIANNA You call this safely off? We can't row back to Britain!

SPY It's the best I can do!

Indy puts his hand on the Spy's shoulder.

INDY Thanks.

SPY All part of the service, sir. Now, get ready to...

The searchlights pans over to them and they're spotted!

KNIGHT (O.S.) Alarm, Alarm!!!

INDY Damn!


Indy and Arianna get into the boat. Machine gun fire erupts from the crow's nest and hits the Spy. He barely makes it over to the lifeboat hitch. He unties the rope and the boat is released from its mooring and plummets to the sea.

Collins, Benneth, and some KNIGHTS ENTER and run to the deck. They finish off the Spy and watch the lifeboat float away.

BENNETH Stop the ship. Turn us around and eliminate them!

COLLINS Belay that.

BENNETH What?! They are a danger to our...

COLLINS They're set adrift in a lifeboat, without provisions, an hour from dawn. Once the hot, noon day sun hits, they'll both be dead in a matter of hours.

BENNETH We cannot afford to leave them be. We have to be sure!

COLLINS Do you wish to delay the mission further? Do you want to be the one to explain to Markote and the others why Excalibur was unclaimed?

Benneth stops and backs down.

COLLINS I didn't think so.

Collins walks away, leaving Benneth to watch the raft float away.

COLLINS You best get some sleep, Lord Benneth. We'll be upon Enigma in a few hours.

Benneth leaves the deck after a few beats.



The lifeboat floats along the Atlantic Ocean. Indy sits in the cramped boat and Arianna sleeps. The overhead sun beats down on them mercilessly.

Arianna awakes, sits up, and looks at Indy.

ARIANNA Nothing?

INDY Not for hours. Just the occasional shark fin.


INDY Yeah, sharks.

ARIANNA (a beat) I hate sharks.

PAUSE. Indy and Arianna have nothing really to say, except what's been brewing between them for the entire film. Arianna attempts to break the ice.

ARIANNA I don't know what may have been preferable, death by bullet or death by unforgiving sun.

Indy doesn't say anything, he just looks out to sea.

ARIANNA (a beat) What's on your mind?

INDY Too much.

ARIANNA Care to talk about it? We appear to have all the time in the world.

INDY (a beat) Talking. That's what you liked to do most in those days. Talk.

ARIANNA It's communication, it helps to articulate what a person is feeling. (a beat) What are you feeling, Indy?

INDY (surprised) You haven't called me that since...

ARIANNA Since we last spoke. (2 beats) Before we die out here, I have a question for you.

INDY (a beat) What do you want to know?

ARIANNA Why? I want to know why you did what you did.

INDY I could ask you the same thing.

ARIANNA I know why I left, you wanted the glory more.

INDY That wasn't it at all.

ARIANNA Wasn't it?

INDY (a beat) We were young, too young probably.

ARIANNA And you could've kept your pants on when it came to her.

INDY (angry) Don't you talk that way about Marion.

ARIANNA Well, how should I talk about her? After I left, you went behind Abner's back. At least you waited a few years, but still... what was she to you, Indy? Was she another notch on the bedpost, a quick fling to pass the time?

INDY You were gone, Arianna. You weren't coming back, no matter what. Marion was... Marion wasn't just there to fill a void, she was... more than that. It was wrong, I knew it. But, we both thought we knew what we were getting into.

ARIANNA Marion... of all people you had to sleep with our professor's daughter. Of all the stupid...

INDY Look, I know what that decision cost me! It cost me the respect of a great man, it cost me Marion's feelings. Is that what you want to hear, is that what you want to talk about, Arianna?!! HUH?!!

ARIANNA There's more. What's wrong with you now is the real question of the hour.

INDY What?!

ARIANNA You've lost all the feeling, all the strength, and passion you once had. The legendary Indiana Jones, the man whose middle name was danger! Those things don't wither away with old age, something changed you!

INDY You've got a lot of nerve!


INDY Can't you leave some things alone? Can't you let me just die in peace with this?

ARIANNA You see? The Indy I know wouldn't have accepted death!

INDY When you've seen it enough times, you begin to accept it! When you see your friends die because of your stupid, reckless actions, you accept it, you crave it, YOU WANT IT!!!

Arianna pulls back. She's really touched a nerve and Indy's gonna spill the beans. He slouches back against the boat, worn out.

INDY You remember Sallah, and Marcus Brody? Marucs died seven years ago, drinking a poisoned glass meant for me. Ten years ago, An Arab prince tortured one of Sallah's sons to death, trying to get my location after I ran off with part of his family's relics. Sallah won't speak to me, he blames himself and me for his son's death. They died because of me. If I hadn't been so caught up in the glory of recovering stupid little trinkets, they'd be alive!

This kid I knew from China. I nick- named him Short Round. He tagged along with me for a couple of years before I dropped him in an English boarding school. He ran away from it and went back home. Last I knew, he was in Nanking when the Japanese invaded. He's probably among the hundreds of thousands dead.

And Marion. We got back together a few years ago. I thought things would be good, that I would finally settle down. But I was never there with her. I was out gallivanting across the globe, digging up this or stealing that. She walked out of my life and I've never heard from her since. I don't know if she's alive or dead!

Everything I've ever held dear has died or been tarnished because of me. Some of my greatest finds are shrouded behind confidential documents and secrecy. I have nothing!

That's why I didn't want to go with you and Collins, that's why I wanted to leave this in the hands of the authorities at first, but I got cocky again. I didn't want to join you because I didn't want to lose you again as well!

Arianna is totally surprised. She, as well as the audience, never knew Indy felt this way, that he kept these feelings bottled up inside for so long. It's an emotional cleansing for Indy. He's gotten all this out, finally sharing it all with someone.

ARIANNA I... I... I don't know what to say...Indy.

INDY Don't say anything. There isn't a thing to say.

ARIANNA There is. You didn't kill your friends, Indy. You have to realize you aren't responsible.

INDY Easier said than done.

Arianna goes to him and takes his hands in hers.

ARIANNA Stop that! Yes, losing friends is horrible, but it happens to all of us. You weren't behind their deaths, you didn't pull the triggers.

INDY What does any of this matter?

ARIANNA Because, the old Indy I remember is still in there, buried under years of pain, anger, and regret. That's the Indy I laughed with, respected, even...even loved.

Indy looks into her eyes. For a few beats, they simply stare at each other. Then, when it looks like they are about to kiss, they hear the sounds of an airplane motor.

They look up and see an amphibious PLANE bearing down on their location. Both of them turn to the plane and wave their hands frantically to attract the pilot's attention.

The plane touches down in the sea and comes to a stop just short of the lifeboat. The pilot, a young knight named SIR GILLIAM, removes his goggles and flight cap and de-planes, standing on one of the pontoons.

GILLIAM Dr. Jones?

INDY I take it you're our ride?

GILLIAM That would be correct, sir. Bring your boat alongside.

Indy paddles the rowboat alongside the plane. He and Arianna get in together, in the rear seat.

ARIANNA (to Gilliam) What's your name son?

GILLIAM Sir Gilliam, ma'am.

ARIANNA Aren't you a little young to be a knight?

GILLIAM I was knighted just yesterday, ma'am.

INDY How much fuel do you have left?

GILLIAM Enough for a trip back to Britain. Why?

INDY I take it you're supposed to fly us back to Castle Avalon.

GILLIAM Those are my orders. Where else did you have in mind?

INDY A little place called Enigma. You won't find it on any map, but my partner here just happens to know the way.


The plane takes off and heads towards the horizon.


The Dark Knight ship is anchored in the water as smaller ships go to the island's shore.

On the island, the Dark Knight division, in full armor, assembles on horseback as Collins, Benneth, and Lugor, who's also in armor, lead the way on their own horses.

Collins, holding the black lock box and the journal, traces the path in the book. He leads them to a set of caves on the coast.

COLLINS There, the third cave. That's where it is.

BENNETH Sir Lugor, stay here with the division. Pick five of your best knights and they shall accompany us.

Collins walk right in front of Benneth and faces him.

COLLINS I give the orders around here.

BENNETH (a beat) Then, what are you orders, sire?

Collins, realizing he's stepped in it, can feel the eyes of the Knights boring down on him

COLLINS (a beat, mollified) Lugor, assemble five men to accompany us. Have them bring hammers and picks.

Benneth smiles at his little victory as he dismounts his horse and goes off with the Knights and Collins to the cave.


The Dark Knight group ENTERS the cavern with Collins and Benneth in the lead. They pass the skeletal remains of the dead knights from the beginning, their armor completely rusted out by the elements.

BENNETH How much further?

COLLINS We have to come upon a body, encased in captain's armor, that lies before a great, glowing boulder. That, is the location of the prize.

They continue onward in silence. They finally approach the boulder, where the body of a Dark Knight lays, and can see the orange light from before, emanating around it. They gather around the boulder, almost reverently.

COLLINS (to Knights) Remove it!

The knights go to work with their tools. They pound and pound until the entire boulder shatters. The group backs away from the avalanche of debris.

The dust clears and we see the skeletal remains of the Knight from the beginning, standing against the wall of the cave. In his left hand is Excalibur, shining in godly light.

BENNETH After all these centuries, Excalibur!

Collins cautiously approaches the sword. Then... the body of the knight moves! It appears as if the skeleton is going to stand up and smite Collins. Its mouth opens, as if to say something. Collins backs away in terror as the skeleton falls to the floor and breaks apart.

Excalibur stands, almost floating, blade down. Etched on the long and gleaming blade is the symbol of unity of England. The hilt is pure, shining gold. The armguards are shaped like angels, similar to the angels atop the ark of the covenant. It shines with a brilliant, FX radiance.

One of the Knights walks toward the sword.

KNIGHT #1 Not to worry, sires, I'll retrieve it for ya.

COLLINS (a beat, realizes) NO, DON'T...!!!

The Knight hears Collins' warning too late. He puts his hand around the hilt, grasping it. Immediately, the sword pulses red and smoke belches from the hilt and the knight's hand. He falls back in pain, releasing the sword, which continues to stand on its own.

He hits the cave floor. His fellow knights stand around him, trying to tend to him as they watch his HAND MELT AWAY!!!

BENNETH Fool. Only a man who follows the code of Arthur, that is true and just, may wield the sword of power. (to remaining knights) Prepare a stretcher for him. Go back to the ship and retrieve the...

COLLINS We don't need to bring those horrid metal crates and tools. We have the means to carry Excalibur, right here.

Collins pats the metal box.

BENNETH That is a temporary means at best. Besides, are you aware of the ev...

COLLINS It will work to get the sword back to Birkenshire and make the conversion ceremony easier to perform. We won't need a stout hearted fool. All we need is in this box. Stand aside.

Collins sets the box down and opens it. Evil, dark purple light hits his face as the lid is thrown back. He places his right hand into the box.

From the box, Collins removes his hand to reveal it encased in an obsidian GAUNTLET, with traces of gold along the seams. It is blacker than the night sky and pulses with evil. Collins' expression changes to one more sinister, more darker than we've seen before.

COLLINS The very gauntlet of Mordred. All that survives of the armor Morganna fashioned for him upon his birth. Forged from darkest magic, magic Merlin himself was unable to fathom. It was touched by the heir of Arthur, making it the only means by which a man of evil could wield the sword of God.

He grabs Excalibur and it does not burn him. It's orange glow turns to cold blue, the angel hand guards morph into demons, the symbol for unity dissolves as the pure silver in the blade becomes tarnished black. The hilt begins to smoke, as if Excalibur is trying to burn through the gauntlet and remove its evil influence, but it'll take a long while to get through it.

Benneth and the Knights marvel at Excalibur's and Collins' transformation. He turns to face them and has a very, very malicious grin on his face.

BENNETH Now, we will...

Without warning, Collins' swings the sword at Benneth! In full ILM glory, a torrent of lightning is released and Benneth is incinerated! Collins throws back his head and laughs.

He turns the sword on the fallen Knight, incinerating him as well!. The remaining Knights run in fear as he continues to laugh at the violence he's wrought and the power in his hand.


Collins' laugh echoes from the cavern as the Knights EXIT. Lugor cocks his machine gun and carefully walks to the cave opening.

Collins walks out, hefting the now demonic Excalibur. The division of Knights, even Lugor, bow before him.

LUGOR Your orders, sire?

Collins surveys his troops and the landscape. On the horizon, he sees three figures on horseback appear.

COLLINS It appears we have company on this island, Lugor.

Lugor, still kneeling, looks in the same direction.

LUGOR They could be knights from the Society. It is safe to assume there may be a garrison here.

COLLINS Good. (a beat, mounts his horse) Let's bring back the time honored tradition of "sacking," shall we?

Collins bucks his mount and rides off, holding Excalibur high above his head. Lugor and the other knights quickly follow him.


A wave of knights storms after the figures on the horizon. They ride back over the hill to reveal a small castle and people unaware of the death that comes for them.



Indy and Arianna ride in the same seat in the rear of the plane as Sir Gilliam tries to raise the garrison on his radio, but with no luck.

Gilliam flies the plane closer to the island. Plumes of black smoke are seen coming from the island.


INDY Can we land?

GILLIAM (grimly) Yes, the airfield looks intact.


Gilliam's plane lands next to a small castle-like building and village, which both lie in smoldering ruins. Bodies lie strewn across the grassy fields. It is a terrible sight.

Indy, Arianna, and Gilliam EXIT the plane and walk along the battlefield, surveying the destruction and carnage.

INDY This is very recent. Maybe an hour or two old.

ARIANNA There are children here, dead. Those... butchers!

GILLIAM Look at the buildings. Explosives didn't do that kind of damage. If I didn't know better, I'd say it looks like lightning strikes.

Arianna's attention is drawn off screen.

INDY We need to find a radio and weapons. Collins' men may still be here and...

ARIANNA (whispering) Indy!

Arianna points to something off screen. Indy and Gilliam turn to look. They see four figures, clad in silver armor, on horseback, galloping towards them. They are the last survivors of the garrison, SIRS PALIN, IDLE, GRAHAM, and CLEESE.

The knights dismount from their horses, in shock at the sight before them. Palin and Graham walk past Indy and company to look closer at the carnage. Idle and Cleese approach our heroes.

CLEESE Who are you? Do you know who did this?!

Gilliam approaches the Knights. He raises his right hand.

GILLIAM From Arthur's hand came true and just rule...

CLEESE ... and waits for darkest night to return from the sky of azure blue. You're one of us, a bit young, but a knight anyways. Care to explain them?

GILLIAM That's Indiana Jones and that's Arianna Smith over there. They're archaeologists. The Officials know of them. They're with me, to help.

CLEESE I'm Cleese, Captain of the knights here at Enigma Garrison. That's Sir Palin there, and that's Sir Idle and Sir Graham.

GRAHAM We were on patrol on the far side of the island. We never received a radio call. The attack must have been fast.

PALIN Who cares how they were attacked?! Who did this? No one has answered that question for me!!

INDY This is the work of your enemies, the Dark Knights.

The knights barely believe this.

INDY They came for Excalibur. (a beat) And they obviously retrieved it.

IDLE Our families, our friends...

CLEESE We failed. We were sent here to defend the sword till its rightful heir could be born and we failed.

ARIANNA There's still a chance, they may be on the island.

INDY (to Cleese) We need weapons and radios. We also need fuel for the plane.

PALIN Do you have no heart, man? What of the dead!

INDY And we can grieve with you later. Right now, Excalibur is in the hands of evil. Do you want to let them get away and have your people's deaths mean absolutely nothing?

Cleese and the other Knights stand around Indy, seething with rage. We don't know if they're going to kill Indy or what.

CLEESE The American's right. Let's ride!


Collins and his men move off towards the coast. They carry stolen equipment and items from the garrison.

Collins rides in the front, Excalibur now covered in a sheath tied to his side. He also still wears the gauntlet. Lugor rides alongside.

COLLINS That was... refreshing!

LUGOR Yes, sir. A nice change from the usual violence.

COLLINS When we return to Birkenshire, we'll have to... (a beat) What's that noise?

In the distance, the low hum of an airplane engine can be heard. Several knights hear this and stop their horses, looking around for the source of the noise.

Collins and Lugor stop. Lugor lifts a pair of binoculars to his eyes.


At first, there's just clear, blue sky. Then, Gilliam's plane literally drops into view and fills the binoculars.


Lugor removes his binoculars and is about to report to Collins when two large explosions erupt in the middle of the knight division. Several knights are killed by the blasts!


Gilliam flies the plane as Idle and Graham, standing on the pontoons, take grenades from bandoliers on their chests, pull the pins, and drop them.

They take out more knights below with the explosives as they scatter for cover.

COLLINS Regroup! Take defensive positions and use rifles to bring that plane down!

More explosions scatter the troops. It's every man for himself now as Knights ride away.

Collins sees his retreating troops, and is about to unsheathe Excalibur to smite them, when...

LUGOR Sire, over the horizon there!

Lugor hands Collins the binoculars.


Over the horizon, four figures on horseback appear and ride toward the Knights. Each person carries a machine gun. One of them wears a fedora. It's Indy, Arianna, Cleese, and Palin!


Collins removes the binoculars slowly.

COLLINS Jones. I'm almost convinced the man is immortal.

LUGOR You orders, sire

COLLINS Kill them! Kill them all!!

Collins unsheathes Excalibur and rides towards the attackers.

The battle is fierce, but with the help of Gilliam's plane, the balance falls to the good guys. Knights are blown away by the grenades as Indy and his charge cleans up with their machine guns.

Several knights are mowed down by the Society Knights, who charge headlong into the fight, with little or no concern for their personal safety. There are serious scores to settle and wrongs to right, and these men are able to avenge each and every dead person at the garrison, with little harm to themselves.

Collins uses the power of Excalibur to fire off energy bursts at Gilliam's plane. They barely miss and Gilliam has to back off. Indy lays down machine gun fire and forces Collins to retreat.

Some remaining Dark Knights block Indy from pursuing and he has to take care of them. Arianna sees Collins and Lugor meeting up.

COLLINS (to Lugor) We must retreat back to the ship!

LUGOR But my men?!

COLLINS The sword is more important! RIDE!!

Collins and Lugor ride off. Arianna bucks her horse and pursues. Indy sees her go.

INDY Arianna! Wait for me!! You can't take them alone!

More knights fire on Indy, causing him to back off.

Arianna leaves the battle behind and speeds off, getting closer and closer to Lugor and Collins. Arianna opens fire, trying to pick them off, but her aim isn't good.

Lugor looks back and turns. Arianna fires and fires, but soon, she's empty. Lugor removes his sword and charges, in a jousting position. Arianna flips her gun, using it as a jousting lance!

They get closer, and closer, and closer. Lugor gets ready to swing, Arianna gets ready to clobber, when...

At the last second, Arianna flips the machine gun back and opens fire! She tricked Lugor into making this jousting run and, boy does he pay! He falls off his horse, dead.

Arianna looks for Collins and doesn't see him. She stops her horse, looks around, and finds Collins right behind her. He double-backed while she fought Lugor. She turns and sees Excalibur in all its twisted, demonic glory.

ARIANNA Oh god! You couldn't...

She's like a deer caught in the headlights, totally transfixed. Collins smiles and bashes Arianna in the face. She falls unconscious.

COLLINS You will be an excellent sacrifice for the ceremony.

Collins laughs and prepares to ride off. Indy sees this happen from quite a distance away.


Collins takes Arianna and puts her on his mount. Indy finally gets free of the battle and speeds to Arianna, but he's too far away. Collins will get to the boat first.

As he rides, he pulls a radio from his belt.

INDY Gilliam, come in! Gilliam!


Gilliam grabs his radio.


INDY (over radio) I need a pick up.

Gilliam's eyes perk up.


Collins rides fast with Indy in pursuit, but he's still too far and he won't be able to close the distance on his own.

Gilliam's plane comes lower and lower, trying to slow down and match speed with Indy's galloping horse. After several attempts, Idle finally grabs Indy by the jacket collar and hoists him up onto the pontoon.

Indy accidentally drops his rifle trying to steady himself. Gilliam follows Collins' horse and is gaining fast. Indy carefully makes his way to the front of the pontoon. He uncoils his whip and waits till the plane's closer.

Arianna lies unconscious across the back of the horse. The plane still isn't close enough. Closer... closer... closer...

Close enough. Indy hurls his whip and misses. It's hard to get a secure purchase on Arianna, but he has to try. He tries again, and again, and again, until he finally gets it around Arianna!!

INDY Slow it down, I got her!!

Collins turns around, a evil glint in his eye as he unsheathes Excalibur. Indy turns back to see Collins as he swings the sword at Indy's whip. It literally evaporates, much to Indy's shock!


Knights on the ship watch the battle and finish loading ammo into an anti-aircraft gun on the bow of the ship. A gunner takes the controls, lines up Gilliam's plane in the cross hairs, and fires.


Machine gun fire wizzes past Indy and punches holes in the pontoon. Gilliam has no choice, he veers the plane sharply to escape the gunfire.

Indy doesn't want Gilliam to turn around.

INDY No, he has her!

Gilliam can't hear. The plane is now going in the opposite direction. Indy tries to make his way to the pilot's compartment, but Idle stops him.

IDLE We have no choice!

Indy turns back and watches Collins board the boat. His laughter echoes throughout the island.

Off Indy's reaction.



The Knights gather supplies from the ruins of the garrison as Cleese and Palin work on the radio, trying to raise Avalon. Indy sits alone, lost in thought.

CLEESE Avalon station, this is Sir Cleese from Enigma Garrison. Come in Avalon station, over.

Static is the reply.

PALIN Keep trying, someone has to be there to answer.

GILLIAM (to Palin) We've been able to secure several drums of fuel. We have enough to make it to England.

CLEESE Quiet! We've gotten through. Say again, Avalon station, repeat your last transmission.

OLIVER (over radio) Sir Cleese, this is Avalon station, we read you, over.

CLEESE Lord Oliver... the garrison has been destroyed. The Dark Knights have taken Excalibur!

OLIVER (over radio) We know. We intercepted a radio transmission from their ship. According to our spies, it pulled in minutes ago.


From the dock, Collins EXITS, with Excalibur strapped to his side and Arianna over his shoulder. He still wears the gauntlet. He walks past shocked KNIGHTS and DOCK WORKERS as he walks onward to Birkenshire.


The stone doors are thrown open and a great wind rushes in, surprising all of the lords. Collins ENTERS, dropping Arianna on the stone floor.

Markote stands to look at Collins. The other lords remain in their seats, surprised he came back at all.

MARKOTE Lord Collins.

COLLINS Markote.

MARKOTE (a beat) Well... did you...?

Collins unsheathes Excalibur and presents it to the Lords. They are all taken back with awe. Markote, with a broad grin on his face, walks to Collins.

MARKOTE You have done well, my boy. You've lived up to our expectations and more! (indicating Arianna) And, you brought back a prize.

COLLINS The sacrifice for the conversion ceremony.

MARKOTE Good, good! Now, may I?

COLLINS No, you may not.

Collins swings the sword and kills Markote. The other lords react in shock. Guards outside the hall run towards the open door. Using Excalibur, Collins seals the door shut and turns his attention to the cowering lords. He brings the sword down on the round table, cleaving the entire thing in half!

COLLINS There's only room for one king in the new order.

Collins proceeds to massacre the entire Dark Knight assembly. Arianna awakens and sees the off screen carnage and reacts in terror.



Indy sits outside of his tent, nursing a bottle of whiskey. Arianna approaches him.

ARIANNA Indy? Indy... what's wrong?

INDY Funny you should ask that, prize winner.

ARIANNA (a beat) You heard. Listen, I tried to tell Abner how we...

INDY I bet you did.

ARIANNA Indy, you're drunk. Why don't you sleep this off and we'll talk about this...

INDY It's funny, I didn't think I'd be able to get a bottle of Jack Daniels on this side of the world. But, Abner's kid, she came through in a pinch. Had to stop her from drinking with me though, that wouldn't be right.

ARIANNA Indy, please...

INDY Don't "please" me!! We were partners. "Share the glory," remember?! We were both going to be Abner's assistants. But, you had to take all the glory for yourself!

ARIANNA That's not what happened. Abner only wanted one assistant and I had been with him the longest, so he chose me.

INDY Bullshit!

ARIANNA Indy... I... why can't you be happy for me?! I won, I deserved this and I got it. You deserved it to. That's why Abner's keeping you on, just not the way we expected. He knows you're one of the best and...

INDY I should never have partnered up with you. If I had kept going, I'd have found that damned trinket myself. You tricked me!

ARIANNA That's a lie and you know it!

INDY Is it? You flaunt your looks out here, make me think you like me, and then you sucker me in with your...

Arianna's heard all she can stand and she punches Indy. Indy's sent flying to the ground. He staggers up, clutching his sore jaw.

INDY That was a good punch. I'm gonna owe you one for...

ARIANNA Goddamm you Indy! Don't you dare say I don't care.

Arianna starts kicking Indy. Indy tries to dodge her as he gets back up. Arianna swings at him. Indy catches it and instinctively punches her back. She falls to the ground. Indy realizes he screwed up and feels bad as he moves to help her up.

INDY Oh god, Arianna, I'm sorry, I didn't realize...

Arianna's pent up anger gets the best of Indy when she kicks him hard in the gut. Indy doubles over in pain as Arianna stands over him.

ARIANNA (screaming) I didn't trick you, I didn't lure you in!! I liked you Indiana Jones, I really did!!

INDY (sucking air) You... you've got a real screwy way of showing it!

Arianna storms off. Indy staggers back up.

INDY Where are you going, we're not finished!

ARIANNA (angry) We are. Take the damn position, I don't want it, not if you're here to give me grief every minute of every day.

INDY What?

ARIANNA You won, Indy. It's all yours. Mr. second place gets his due!

INDY Arianna, wait...!

ARIANNA Go to hell Henry Jones.

Arianna EXITS, leaving Indy in a daze.


Arianna EXITS her tent, all packed up. She takes the last of her bags to the waiting truck. Ravenwood and Marion approach her, giving their goodbyes.

Indy watches from his tent, right next to Arianna's.

RAVENWOOD I really wish you'd reconsider.

ARIANNA I'd like to Abner. I appreciate all you've done for me. There's just... there's just other reasons you can't control.

RAVENWOOD Look, what's ever between you and Indy, we can sort it out. You just have to be patient...

ARIANNA (interrupting) I don't want to be patient, I don't want to be anything to him anymore. I... I'm sorry but I can't stay.

RAVENWOOD Okay. I have some friends back in the states who owe me a favor. Go see them, they'll help you out. After they've seen what you can do, they'll think I did them the favor by sending you to them.

Arianna smile and hugs Ravenwood. Arianna looks at Marion.

ARIANNA You take care, kiddo. Keep your nose clean.

MARION You I know I will. Take care, Arianna.

Arianna smiles at Marion and proceeds to the truck. She sees Indy and gives him a quick stare.

Indy watches her go. He looks hurt that she's leaving, but there's some anger behind his eyes as well. This is a bad win for Indy, and he knows it.



Indy's still looking at the setting sun, finished relieving that painful moment from his past. He gets up and approaches the Knights huddled around the radio.

CLEESE We have transportation to Britain, Lord, we can be there in a matter of hours!

OLIVER No, our forces are strong and we are ready. You have suffered much and done what you could. Remain on Enigma, for the four of you may be all that's left of the Society after this night.

GILLIAM You intend to attack Birkenshire.

OLIVER What else can we do?


Oliver stands near the radio terminal in the assembly hall as troops prepare in the background.

OLIVER The sword of Arthur has fallen into the devil's hands. We cannot simply stand by and watch as the Dark Knights capture the world. I do not expect to see many of my troops and knights come back alive this night. I see both sides killing each other in this final conflict.


Indy grabs the radio from Cleese.

INDY We're coming.

OLIVER Dr. Jones, have you not heard a word I said?

INDY Arianna was captured by Collins. I don't intend to let her die!

OLIVER We'll do what we can to save her. Please, heed my words and stay where you are. Besides, what more can one man do for this cause?

INDY I can save someone very important to me and settle a score with my betrayer.

Indy tosses the radio and walks away in disgust.

CLEESE He means well.

INDY Do you want to stay here as your brothers fight for the fate of the world?

CLEESE Of course not, I did not say I agreed with Lord Oliver.

Indy and Cleese stare at each other.

INDY Then, we go to Birkenshire.

CLEESE Yes. We go and we finish this!


All four knights, armed to the teeth, hang onto the pontoons as Indy and Gilliam sit the pilot seats. It takes off into the evening sky.


Storm clouds gather and thunder rolls, setting the scene for what is to come.


All of the knights, servants, troops, anyone associated with the Dark Knights of Mordred are assembled here around a large stage at the front of the hall.

On the stage, Arianna has been tied to a stake. Knights in black armor stand in formation around a large entrance at the middle of the stage.

Collins ENTERS, decked out in futuristic black and gold armor. The armor color matches that of the gauntlet.

The sword is held in a metal sheath at his side. The crowd cheers him on. Collins is loving it all. The power and the glory he's sought all his life is in his grasp. He has the power to take over and reshape the world, and boy, does he know it!

He walks to the edge of the stage, and unsheathes Excalibur, displaying it for all to see. It drives the crowd insane!

COLLINS Today... marks the first day of the new order. For over a 1000 years, we have waited for this day. When our forefathers broke away from the lies and petty dreams of the fool Arthur, they knew the road ahead would be difficult. They fought on, through wars and plague and the insolence of our fallen brothers, the Society of the Round Table. They knew of the lies and the mistakes to come. And, they knew their sons would right the wrongs of humanity. That we would lead the human race to a new order! An order where the strong survive and the weak are ground underfoot. A world where we rule supreme and will continue to rule until the end of time!

Tomorrow, our crusade for what is right begins. Tomorrow, our forces, led by me and the sword of power, will march upon Parliament. We will do away with the pompous bastards that drain our motherland dry of honor and prestige. Then, we take all of Europe back and do what even Arthur could not do, unite her! From then on, we will storm each and every petty government and burn them away with Excalibur's might!

As a demonstration, Collins swings Excalibur and fires off a few lightning bolts. They strike the immense skylight above and reflect down wards, setting alight a bonfire in the center of the crowd. They back away from the fire and cheer louder!

COLLINS We will save the human race from itself! We will guide this world into the next millennium, using the order we have formulated over 1000 years of struggle and secrecy! WE WILL PREVAIL FOREVER!!!

Oh, is the crowd loving it!


We can hear the muffled cheers as Gilliam's plane ENTERS frame.

GILLIAM Any ideas?

INDY I'm thinking.

Indy looks down at the burly Knights strapped onto the pontoons. They look haggard and worn, but then again, wouldn't you if you'd flown strapped to the outside of an airplane from Spain to England.

INDY Um, you guys okay?

CLEESE (enthusiastic) Just get us to the battle, we'll fare better than you think!

Down below, Indy can see the massing troops from the Society moving across the land towards Birkenshire. He focuses his sight on the foreboding castle. They need a plan now!

It's then Indy notices the skylight in the middle of the castle.

INDY Excuse me!


INDY Just how attached are you to this plane?

Off Gilliam's reaction.


Collins, still working up the crowd, places Excalibur on an altar next to Arianna. He leers at her, then turns to the crowd.

COLLINS Excalibur may be wielded only by a man who follows the foolish code of King Arthur... for now.

With the ritual, created by fair Morganna, we will turn Excalibur to our side. With the sacrifice of this one!

He points to Arianna and the crowd cheers again.

COLLINS (to Arianna) Only by spilling the blood of a righteous man can Excalibur be turned away from the will of Arthur and God, so it may serve my will.

ARIANNA (desperate) Yeah, but you just said "a man." If you hadn't already noticed, I'm a woman! Kinda puts a crimp in your plan, huh?

COLLINS Man, woman, Excalibur isn't too discriminate when it comes to the gender of who it kills.

Collins walks to the altar. He bows before it, takes the sword, and begins to move towards Arianna, chanting an incantation in old english.


As Gilliam's plane passes overhead, we see a man jump out and a parachute open. The Society forces are outside the castle gates and prepare to attack.

Back on the plane, Indy has moved into the Pilot's seat and the Knights are standing up, holding onto the fuselage and their machine guns. Cleese stands near Indy.

CLEESE Where do we land?

INDY Right on top of the castle.

CLEESE You must be a skilled pilot to accomplish such a maneuver.

INDY Not really. Hell, I still don't know how to land one of these!

Cleese reacts as Indy takes the plane in fast, straight towards the roof of the castle!


Collins finishes the incantation and leers again at Arianna. She closes her eyes, awaiting death. Collins pulls back with the sword, ready to run her through when an alarm goes off. Collins backs off from killing Arianna.

COLLINS (angry) What the hell is that?!

A Knight runs into the hall and announces the cause of the alarm.

KNIGHT #1 Society forces are outside the castle, preparing to attack, my lord!

COLLINS Assemble troops to repel the attack. And give me some time to finish...

The motor of Gilliam's plane can be heard loud and clear. Everyone looks up to see it crash through the skylight!

Glass rains down on the Knights. The crashed plane is lodged into the roof of the castle. Five ropes trail down from the fuselage as Indy and the Knights repel downward, throwing grenades and firing machine guns into the crowd!!


The Society forces are lined up. Oliver and Miller, along with the other Officials, lead the throng of men as they yell...


The multitude of Knights storm the castle, meeting small opposition from the Dark Knight forces outside the castle gates.


Most of the Dark Knights are unarmed and are cut down fast by the attacking Enigma Knights. Indy hits the stage and starts firing at the Knights and Collins. Several Knights fall but Collins' armor protects him from each bullet.

Collins swings Excalibur, vaporizing the machine gun. Indy dodges energy bolts and has a few close shaves with it. Indy grabs a fallen sword and is able to beat off some of Collins attacks, but the iron sword is splintering from the onslaught!

Stray lightning bolts come close to vaporizing Arianna. They do burn off her bonds, though. She gets free and fights off a few knights before grabbing a small, broken flagpole.

Indy's not faring well against Collins. His sword is destroyed and Indy has no weapon against him. Collins takes a swing at the stage, collapsing the section Indy's standing on. He falls through it and is caught up in the wreckage. Collins stands over him, ready to deliver the final blow.

COLLINS Now, you die!

Arianna rushes Collins from behind, using the pole to beat him senseless. His armor takes most of the beating and starts to bend and dent. Collins is able to get a footing under the relentless beating and uses Excalibur to disarm Arianna. She falls backwards and does a somersault to avoid another swipe from the sword!


The battle between the Society knights and the Dark knights continues. Dark Knights in the battlements of Birkenshire lob grenades and fire machine guns into the Society Knights below. Several knights die, but eventually, the Society knights bring the door down and rush inside, meeting more opposition.

The battle is merciless and bloody. Some use machine guns, others are forced to use swords and knives in closer combat. No quarter is given or received from either side.


The four Society Knights are finishing off the rest of the spectators. Reinforcements for the Dark Knights ENTER and cut down Sir Idle and Sir Graham in a hail of bullets. Sir Cleese and Sir Palin take them on, brandishing a machine gun in each hand!

Collins is about to run Arianna down. Indy gets a grenade from his pouch and throws it. It explodes near Collins, throwing him off the stage and into a cloud of smoke.

Indy frees himself from the wreckage and runs to Arianna. She was caught in the blast and digs a piece of splintered wood from her leg. Indy comes to her aid, but...

ARIANNA Indy, behind you!

Indy looks behind him and is hit square in the face by the hilt of Excalibur! Collins tosses him aside. Indy falls off the stage and onto the ground, clutching his bleeding right eye.

Arianna jumps Collins and uses the stake of wood to stab Collins in his exposed shoulder. He screams in pain, dropping Excalibur! It hits the floor and slides across it. He tries to get Arianna off his back, but to no avail.

On the ground, Indy opens his good eye to see Excalibur sliding across the floor, right for his face! Indy's got no time to move! The sword stops just shy of going straight through his head!

Sir Cleese and Sir Palin have just about had it. Palin is blasted by machine gun fire, but Cleese keeps going. He kills five more Dark Knights before they finally bring him down.


The battle continues. Heavy losses plague both sides, but they still fight on. Explosives go off, destroying more and more of the castle. Fires start and the knights still battle each other. Miller carries a mortally wounded Oliver through the fight!

OLIVER (weakly) Keep fighting! We cannot surrender! Humanity depends on us!

Miller pushes past with his sword, dragging Oliver to the front lines of the battle.


Collins falls to the ground and Arianna continues her attack. She pounds the gauntleted arm repeatedly into the stone floor. The stone cracks and chunks fly up, but the gauntlet doesn't break.

Arianna continues pounding away. A sickening crunch can be heard and Collins cries out.

COLLINS You broke my hand!


She keeps slamming Collins' arm into the floor, but the gauntlet will still not break.

Arianna's changes her attention to the armor, unbuckling the front and using the stake to stab at his chest. Before she can deliver a fatal wound, a Dark Knight hits her over the back and drags her off of Collins.

On the ground, Indy comes across a fallen, Dark Knight banner. He rips a section of it off and ties it around his bleeding eye.

The few remaining Knights in the room hold Arianna down. Collins weakly stands up and walks over to them.


DARK KNIGHT #1 Heavy losses have been taken in the battle outside, sire. But, the society forces have suffered just as badly. The tide of battle is still undecided, but our remaining generals believe the Society will prevail.

COLLINS Nonsense, we are destined to win!

DARK KNIGHT #2 We've secreted your advisors into a plane on the airfield outside. But, we have to leave now or we'll lose everything.

COLLINS No, not before my business is taken care of.

DARK KNIGHT #3 Sire, leave them! Excalibur is more important than vengeance!

It's then Collins realizes, he doesn't have the sword.

COLLINS Where is it?! Where is Excal...?!!

He, and the rest of the Dark Knights turn around to see Indy, with a piece of torn cloth wrapped around his eye. He holds Excalibur and is unharmed by it. In fact, he's bathed in warm light from an unknown, heavenly source as the demon hand guards morph back into angels. The black blade turns back to gleaming silver, and the symbol for unity of England returns.

COLLINS You cannot wield the sword of Arthur!!

ARIANNA Only a just and true man can wield it, Collins. Looks like Excalibur just had to settle for Indiana Jones!

Some of the Knights rush towards Indy. He wields the sword and takes them out, one by one! Several stray bolts fire off and strike the walls of the castle, causing fires to sprout up all over. Smoke fills the hall, obscuring the view of the ongoing battle.


The tide of battle turns in favor of the remaining society knights. They rush past the bodies of hundreds of fallen enemies and comrades into the great hall. Oliver lies dead and Miller takes his place as leader. They reach the door, take on the remaining Dark Knights and ENTER.

They find many more dead bodies, raging fires, and Indiana Jones, standing in the middle of all the smoke, holding Excalibur.

Indy stops his charge against Collins and turns to see Miller, approaching him cautiously.

MILLER You did come back.

INDY (exhausted) Yeah.

MILLER Where is Collins?

An explosion rips through the room. Indy turns around to look for Collins and finds he and Arianna are gone through a blasted out wall!


As Birkenshire burns, Collins limps across the airfield, dragging a kicking and screaming Arianna with him. He comes to the plane, which is under fire by Society Knights. The last Dark Knight troops guard the plane and fight back.


Collins ENTERS, with Arianna. Two Knights and two ADVISORS await him.

ADVISOR #1 We've lost so much, my lord. But with the sword we will... where is the sword?

COLLINS It's not here!

ADVISOR #2 Without the sword, we're nothing. Do you understand, nothing!!

Collins grabs the advisor by the neck.

COLLINS I have the last thing Jones cares about in this world. Believe me, Excalibur will come to us now!

Collins walks to the pilot's compartment.

COLLINS Taxi the plane and prepare to take off!

The pilot, wearing a flight cap and goggles, revs the plane up.

PILOT Aye, aye!


The plane begins to taxi. Indy, Miller, and his forces EXIT the burning castle to see the plane leaving. The last Dark Knights are taken out as the Society troops begin to rush after the plane and open fire on it.

INDY (to Miller) Stop your troops, Collins is on that plane!

MILLER If we don't stop him here, this fight could continue forever. Their evil must be stomped out!

INDY He has Arianna!

MILLER And he knows you'll follow him!! I implore you, Jones, for the good of the world and all creation, let our forces destroy him!


He shoves past Miller, holding Excalibur. Miller shakes his head. He doesn't want to give this order, but he has no choice.

MILLER (to Troops) Take Jones out. Fire!

Machine gun fire licks at Indy's heals. He looks back at the firing Knights. He runs faster after the airplane.


From the plane, a Knight peeks his head out and sees Indy running after them.

DARK KNIGHT #3 He's coming after us on foot!

COLLINS Excellent. Pilot, slow the plane down. I want him to catch up!

The two Knights reload their machine guns and cock them back.


Indy continues to haul ass down the runway. He passes a length of chain and snatches it up. The plane is starting to near the end of the runway and begins to lift up. Indy's getting closer and closer. The plane is almost in the air when Indy throws the chain out like his whip! It swings around a landing gear wheel and holds tight.

The plane climbs into the air, with Indy holding onto the chain and onto Excalibur for dear life.


Miller and his forces look at the escaping plane and Indy.

MILLER Pray for him, men. Pray he brings his love and Excalibur back to us.

Miller, along with his troops, cross themselves and watch the plane disappear from sight.


Indy climbs up the chain length slowly. He holds Excalibur under his arm. Lightning strikes around the plane and rain begins to come down in sheets. The storm has started and the plane is caught in the middle of it.


Turbulence and thunder throw the plane and its passengers about.

ADVISOR #2 Sire, we must leave this storm. If we climb higher...

COLLINS We're waiting for Jones to board.

ADVISOR #2 But sire, this storm will...

COLLINS Do you want Excalibur or not?!!

Collins grabs the advisor and throws him out the plane door! The remaining advisor reacts!

COLLINS (to Advisor) Obviously, he doesn't!!


The advisor falls past Indy. He shakes his head and continues onward as the storm blasts away.


Finally, Indy is able to get up on the wing and ENTERS the plane, with Excalibur in his hand. Collins holds Arianna at gunpoint and stands behind his Knights, who aim their rifles at him. The last advisor cowers in a corner.

ADVISOR #1 (to Indy) Use that in here and we'll all die.

COLLINS Shut up!

Collins takes his gun and shoots him dead!

COLLINS You won't use Excalibur, Jones! I know you won't, because of who I hold close to my heart.

He indicates Arianna.

COLLINS Now, give me the sword!

INDY You can have the damn thing! All I want is Arianna!

Arianna smiles. Collins starts getting restless.

COLLINS Put it on the deck, slowly! NOW!!

Indy kneels down and extends his hand with Excalibur to the deck when gunshots ring out from the pilot's compartment!

The two knights are taken by surprise and shot dead by the Pilot! One falls out of the plane, the other falls to the deck next to Indy.

Indy looks to the Pilot, who removes his flight cap and goggles. It's Sir Gilliam!

GILLIAM Thank god it's you, Jones. I really didn't want to pilot this bird into the drink.

Gilliam trains his pistol on Collins, who tightes his grip on Arianna.

INDY How's the plane?

GILLIAM She's on autopilot. We should do okay for the next few minutes, until lighting rips off a wing.

Collins holds Arianna tighter. Indy and Gilliam surround him. The storm outside worsens. Torrential rain and winds are throwing the plane all over the place.

INDY Looks like God isn't too happy with you defiling one of his toys.

COLLINS I will deal with God! Give me Excalibur or she dies...

Collins reveals a grenade in his other hand.

COLLINS ... with the rest of us!!!

ARIANNA Indy, don't do it! Let him pull the pin!

INDY Do you remember what I said back in the life boat?

ARIANNA (realizing) Indy, no!!

INDY I will not have another friend's death on my conscience.

ARIANNA I don't care if I die, Indy. I care that he wins!

INDY Gilliam, go fly the plane.

Indy turns to Gilliam and gives him a look. Gilliam understands and goes back to the pilot's seat. Collins is still adamant.

COLLINS Give me Excalibur now!!!

INDY Fine. Hand her over first.

Collins thinks a minute, then throws Arianna towards the door. He catches her before she sails out of the plane.

COLLINS Now... the sword!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Indy looks at Arianna, who's eyes plead him not to. He turns back to Collins. He's practically salivating. He stretches out the gauntlet, demanding Excalibur.

COLLINS Handle first.

Indy takes hold of the sharp blade, which begins to cut him and winces as he hands Excalibur to Collins.

Before Collins can grasp it, Indy flips the sword so that it is blade first. The handle lands right in Indy's hand as Indy swings the sword at the gauntlet! It shatters from Excalibur's might.

The grenade Collins was holding falls from his hand and rolls out of the plane. Collins screams. Indy punches him in the face and slams the handle of the sword in Collins' naked hand.

INDY You want it so bad? Here, TAKE IT!!

Indy uses part of the torn piece of banner to tie the handle around Collins's hand. Smoke belches from the hilt and Collins' hand begins to burn. Collins screams in pain and defeat. He looks right up at Indy, as he kicks him RIGHT OUT THE DOOR OF THE PLANE!!!


Collins falls out of the plane, screaming his head off and bursts into holy fire, amidst the violent storm. His entire body vaporizes in an ILM, effects blaze of glory. Excalibur falls through the cloud of ashes and sails down to the sea, falling end over end.

Before it hits the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the arm of a woman, clad in chain mail, reaches out of the sea. It's the LADY OF THE LAKE! Her hand is open, ready to catch Excalibur.

It falls handle first, right into her palm as a brilliant flash of lightning strikes, illuminating the entire scene!

The arm sinks back into the ocean.


Indy and Arianna witness the spectacular sight. Indy, totally exhausted, falls into Arianna's arms. They both fall against a bulkhead and sink to the floor. The radio squelches and we hear Miller's voice.

MILLER (over radio) Jones, come in! Anyone, please, respond!

Indy goes to the radio, slowly, and talks into it.

INDY This is Jones. It's over.

MILLER (over radio) What happened to the sword? What happened to Excalibur?

INDY Nature reclaimed it. It's back with the person Sir Bedivere should have entrusted it to in the first place.

MILLER (over radio) The lady?

INDY (a beat, smiles) Yes, the lady of the lake.

Indy drops the radio and falls back into Arianna's arms. They slip against the side of the bulkhead and hold each other.


The storm miraculously clears away and the bright, morning sun appears. The plane flies into the brilliant sky.



Students walk about the picturesque campus.


We pan across the rows of listening students and come to the chalkboard. Indy has his back to the camera, writing something on the chalkboard. He turns to face his students, and the camera, revealing an eye patch.

INDY Our work deals with belief. At times, it is hard to believe in dusty tales and ancient myths. Skepticism is required, but belief is at the core of archaeology. If no one believed in the myths of old, no one would scower the earth to uncover them.


Brody and Arianna approach Indy's classroom and ENTER. Indy notices the interruption and silently acknowledges them.

INDY It is these fanciful tales of lore and legend that are the siren call of archaeology. A grain of truth starts those stories off and it is our job to believe in them, and pursue them. We strive to reveal the entire truth and use it to make the world better and less ignorant.

The school bell rings.

INDY Don't forget, Michaelson, chapter 3!

The students file out. Brody and Arianna approach Indy.

BRODY Late with the exams again?

ARIANNA Give him a break, it can be hard to grade test papers with monocular vision.

They share a quick laugh.

BRODY Well, this lovely lady wanted to see you, Indy, and I couldn't refuse her charms. I'll see you later at the staff meeting. You can tell us all about the patch.

Indy smiles and nods as Brody EXITS.

ARIANNA We had it, Indy. We had it in our hands.

INDY We did. But, I feel better that it's back in the hands of nature, waiting for the day when the right person comes to collect.

ARIANNA But, we can't tell anyone about our find. It was the prospect of finds like that, that got us into archaeology in the first place!

INDY Just knowing we found it is enough for me. Besides, who would believe me when I told them I had my eye poked out by the sword of Arthur? They'd really look at me funny.


Indy and Arianna walk in the hall amongst rushing students.

ARIANNA So, the adventures are over for you now?

INDY I don't think they're over. I think they've... just changed focus. There's still one more adventure left that I haven't pursued.

ARIANNA Like what?

Indy grabs Arianna around the waist and pulls her close to him.

INDY Relationships.

ARIANNA Sounds like fun. Do you mind if I tag along?

Indy and Arianna share a smile and a passionate kiss. All of the students stop and stare. The girls frown, Indy's been taken. The boys cheer, Indy got the girl.

Indy and Arianna cease kissing and put their arms around each other. They walk off out of the University as the Raider's march begins and the end credits roll...



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