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Last updated April 1, 2001

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Apr. 1 I Keep It Now!

Hi, I'm Micah's little sister, J.J., and he's been doing this web site thing for way too long. It's been like 6 years or something... That's almost half the time I've been alive! He's all curled up in a ball in the corner hugging a leather jacket and a doll. I asked him why he was holding a doll, and he shouted, "ACTION FIGURE!" then started rocking back and forth saying, "West Ed, Dee Ring, no Gus it..." I can't make heads or tails of it.

I offered him a drink and he said, "Choose wisely, for the wrong beverage will bring you everlasting damnation." I said, "Yeah, whatever," went to the fridge, poured a glass of Dr. Pepper and gave it to him. He took a sip, said "You chose poorly," and started to shake and have a fit. He threw the drink at me, and I got real mad and jumped at him. I grabbed him by the collar and he started whining "Um Numb She-vi, Um Numb She-vi" or something like that, over and over. I got kind of creeped out, so I left him alone with his doll. You know, that little hat looks goofy on top of Micah's head...

Well, anyway since he's gone crazy with some Indiana Jones mental sickness, there's no point in letting this web page go to waste. So, I'm taking over. I'll talk about the things I like and you Indy freaks can take a flying leap.

Tigger vs. Hobbes

Those jerks at WWWF Grudge Match have it all wrong. Tigger is much more cuddly and fun. Besides, Hobbes is a deluded psycho. Tigger is crazy too, but in a cute way.

Pokemon 3!!!

Pokemon 3: The Movie is coming out on April 6th! I can't wait! Look for a review here as soon as I see it.

Some Old Indiana Jones Crap