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Posted by Reggie from ( on Friday, March 11, 2005 at 2:07am :

Being the broke college guy I am I finnaly have a bit of cash in my wallet. I'm going to call Miller Hats tomorow and see if they'll sell me a sweat band. However, I hit a snag. My project leader has vanished (my brain). Originally, the hat was a size 7. Over the years either my head got big (skull, not my ego) or the hat sweatband shrank. Maybe both. At one point it was so tight that it left a red line on my forhead. I bought a hat jack and put it in the hat and it would fit for a while but then it would shrink up again after a while even though it didn't get wet. Then a few months ago, I determined that the hat was in need of an overhaul. It was warn daily since early 2001 and it showed. The lining was khaki colored, the sweatband was now oil taned from this pizza faced punk, and the ribbon was khaki. I removed all three. The sweatband had a tight fit on my head after I had taken it out. The hat was blocked and streatched and I reshaped it to LC style but I'm not sure what size it is now. The hat is loose on my head but keep in mind it doesn't have a sweatband. The point is how do I find out the size the hat is right now so I can get a proper sized sweatband? Should I scotch tape some thread or string to the inside of the hat? First thing's first I better double check my hat size and make sure it was a shrinking sweatband. If it's not, boy am I up a creek.

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