Indy Still Chasing Those Saucer Men From Mars?

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Posted by James from ( on Sunday, May 08, 2005 at 0:52am :

There's a new "Jedi Council" post up at Aint It Cool News.

I still haven't figured out the point of those posts, but the latest one does contain a very interesting tidbit about Indy 4.

Darth Benedict XVI: Did anyone find out what was the Holy Grail for the new movie?

The Hellboy: Roswell. 1950ís. Sci-fi. Definitely.

Moriarty: I think the verification of that came from the release of the DVD set and an incident that happened around then. The implication around the time was that they were going to put a teaser trailer on the box set that got kiboshed at the last minute. It was supposed to happen, they designed it, they shot it, and it was saucers in the 50ís and nodded to what it was to be. And I guess the powers that be said it was too much information, and they didnít want to put it out there yet, soÖ

This is the first I've heard of a teaser being shot for the dvd set, but Moriarty is usually pretty reliable. I have to admit, flying saucers is the last of the rumoured plots that I would have expected. Unfortunately, it does fit with the 1950's setting- and the expected return of the previous leading ladies. Could Spielberg really be planning to revisit little green men so soon after War of the Worlds? Is it possible that the old Saucer Men script is still an influence?

Personally, I was hoping for that 'mature love story' that Spielberg hinted at, with the Garden of Eden providing a perfect backdrop. I envisioned an older Indy going on an epic quest more about enlightenment than another simple artifact. Is it possible that after more than a decade, Indy 4 could actually end up being exactly what we originally thought? And where could "young Indy" factor into all of this?

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