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Posted by Rik Duel from ( on Monday, April 23, 2007 at 4:47pm :

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods posted by James from ( on Monday, April 23, 2007 at 0:58am :

Sorry to disagree, but I feel Marion Ravenwood is a special case.

In neither of the sequels to Raiders of the Lost Ark did we have a female leading lady who came close to being the rich and detailed character that we have in Marion. She was not the mere squealing damsel in distress that we saw in Willie Scott, and nor was she the backstabbing femme fatale that was Elsa Scneider.

Dragged around the globe searching for this or that artifact, she was first abandoned by her lover Jones, and later unwittingly, by her father Abner. But, relying on her spunk and her wits, she clawed her way back onto her own two feet. She was forced by circumstance to throw her lot in once again with Dr Jones, and found herself, despite her intentions, falling for the man - who broke her heart as a teen - yet again.

This is a character that I feel deserves some sort of further resolution. I'm fine with the fact that she wasn't seen in either of the sequels to date, but it did sort of irk me that we return to Marcus and Sallah, but that Marion, who came to stand by Indy despite the way he treated her, disappeared from the landscape.

She didn't get to ride off into the sunset - fine. But since we're coming back for another instalment, I for one want to see what happened to her. And it might even be nice if she got to live happily ever after.

I'll take the ride whichever way it heads, of course. But to me, Karen Allen is a welcome addition to the cast list.


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