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Posted by James from ( on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 0:01am :

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods posted by Rik Duel from ( on Monday, April 23, 2007 at 4:47pm :

Oh, I think everyone here would agree that Marion was a great character. And if Indy is going to settle down with a past love, then she would be the natural choice.

The problem is that they are probably not going to cast Karen Allen as the female lead, which would relegate her to cameo status. And judging by Lucas' Saucermen script and Ford's comments about "a SCENE where Indy meets his past loves", they've already considered using Marion in this capacity.

But this wouldn't be very satisfying, because it wouldn't be providing any real development for her character. Lucas did far too much of this type of cameo in the prequels, often just for the novelty of letting fans say, "Oh look. Chewbacca."

Of course, they could surprise us all and cast Karen in one of the leading roles. But aside from that, I'd rather keep the memories I've got of the Raiders-era Marion. To use her just for a gimmick might be like meeting an old girlfriend- only to find you no longer have anything in common.

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