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Posted by Rob Roy from ( on Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 7:28pm :

Just got done with the Paramount panel. They only had a video-taped segment, taken on the set. It started with Spielberg, directly addressing the Comic-Con crowd. He pretends to give us the full title of the movie, but the sound cuts out. Har har. Then it panned over to Harrison, all dressed as Indy. Then Ray Winstone was next to him. Then we saw Shia Lebouf, who was starstruck at the company he was with. Steven made a point of telling us that, although the last bunch of films were personal stories he needed to tell, he promised fans that this Indy project is for the fans. Steven then walks off-camera, grabs a chair and sets it in front of the camera. The chair says, "Marion Ravenwood". Everyone goes nuts (again). Who do you guess walks onto the screen with Steven? Yep, Karen Allen, dressed like she's doing some adventuring of her own. She looked just like she did 26 years ago! I could have died.

No plot points were mentioned, nor was any footage shown.

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