Excavating Ancient Indy Games

In ancient times, before Bill Gates ruled the Earth, computer species were prolific, each filling their own ecological niche. Subsisting on cassette tapes and cartridges, with only the hardiest possessing a floppy drive, these systems flaunted their differences to survive. Although the justifications commonly cited for their purchase were recipe organization and checkbook balancing, their true killer apps were tinkering and, of course, games.

During that era, Lucas demonstrated the lucrative practice of movie licensing with the phenomenal success of Star Wars. It was only natural that computer game companies would use this ploy to sell software. Obviously this doesn't always or even usually make a good game, since most of the budgeted resources may go to licensing fees. The games stamped with the Indy name are no different. Some are excellent, adding more adventures to Professor Jones' exciting life, while others are cheap attempts to cash in. Regardless of their status, we will uncover them here, whether the game is entertaining on its own, or it's simply a curiousity.

PC & Mac
The home computers of modern times are dominated by Windows machines with Macintoshes occupying a distant, but spirited, second. To play the bulk of the computer games presented here, whether natively or through emulation, you'll need a PC or Mac.

Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures

About: Desktop Adventures isn't your standard-issue LucasArts adventure game, but rather a clever little time-killer, vaguely reminiscent of Zelda, where the object of your quest and what's required to obtain it is random.
Source: Lucasarts,
[Mac] Order no. 01-057,
[PC] Order no. 01-048,
Also comes in bundle with Yoda Stories (PC only)
Price: $19.95
Demo: LucasArts, GamesDomain, GameSpot
Reviews: LucasArts, Gamespot, Technofile

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

About: Fate of Atlantis is the closest thing to Indy IV that we have at this point in time. Although probably not enough action sequences to be movie-worthy, this adventure game puts you in the midst of a consumate Indy adventure, complete with lady sidekick and Nazis obsessed with ancient powers.
Source: LucasArts
Also part of LucasArts Archive Vol.I ($29.95)
Price: $14.95 in the bargain bin
Review: Game Bytes
Help: GamesDomain

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

About: This adventure game allows the player to participate in the events of the third Indiana Jones movie.
Source: Lucasarts,
[Mac] Order no. 01-001,
[PC] Order no. 01-008,
PC version comes in a Classic Adventures compilation
Price: $19.95
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