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Max McCoy's final Indiana Jones novel, Secret of the Sphinx, was released in February 1999. According to Bantam's blurb:

The Omega book reveals the personal histories of everyone who will ever live. Possession of the book, according to legend, gives the owner the power to write one's own destiny and rewrite the destiny of others. Indiana Jones must find the book and keep it away from a madman who is bent on rewriting humanity's final chapter.
Brisco's post to the Forum provides further details.

Originally, Sphinx was going to be released in April 1998, but creative differences between Lucasfilm and the author regarding a potential time-travel scenario stalled the novel's completion.

Fielding's Indiana Jones Adventure and Survival Guide is aimed at exercising a kid's adventurous spirit. The book was initially due for release in July 1998, but Amazon has it listed for July 2000.



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