. Spoofs & Trivia


--April Fools 1997 with Exclusive Indy Blooper
-This joke played on my own fears and apparently yours, considering the response I got. The Indy blooper was just to get those who were feeling smug in their quick assessment of the main prank.

--April Fools 1998
-The ambiguous meaning of Indyfan.com inspired this prank.

--April Fools 1999
-With the heart of this site beating in the Forum, it was only a matter of time before it got spoofed.

--April Fools 2000
-Generally considered the weakest April Fool's joke in the history of Indyfan.com, this hastily slapped together effort kept the tradition alive at the expense of being funny.

--April Fools 2001
-Returning to the tradition of April Fool's jokes actually being funny, this prank had my sister taking over Indyfan.com and making it her own.

From Around the Net

--Indy vs Bond
-World Wide Web Fights pits gadget-laden superspy against whip-wielding archaeologist in a quest upon which, you guessed it, the fate of the world depends. Indy won, of course, but the excellent commentary on how has been removed for inclusion in the Grudge Match book.

--Indy vs Lara Croft
-Comicbook Universe Battles hosted an archaeological battle of the sexes, pitting virtual adventurer, Lara Croft, against our whip-wielding hero. The hypothetical play-by-play is a humorous read where the seasoned pro bests the fresh-faced newcomer.

--Indiana Jones: Special Edition
-Mercerton in a post to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc considers the effect a special edition treatment would have on the Indy trilogy.

--Cowboys and Indy
-Jock! Start the plane! The .... Magnificent Seven? are after me.

--The Indiana Jones Movie Formula
-Shazron Elhazar Abdullah in a post to rec.arts.sf.starwars presents a recipe for creating an Indy movie.


--Me and Indy Jones --> .mov 1.8MB
-An Indy parody of Me and Mrs. Jones, which aired around the release of Crusade on an Austin, TX radio show, Zippo in the Morning. (Audio tape courtesy of Michaelson.)

--Raiders of a Lost Art
-A classic MAD magazine cover with Alfred E. Newman as the golden fertility idol.

--Indiana Bart --> .mov 3.4MB
-Bart spoofs the opening of Raiders, complete with the rotund Homer filling in as the boulder trap.

--Sam & Max Raiders Reference --> .mov 891k
-Sam and Max of computer game and comic fame, spoof the idol grab. Watch for Max's nervous Sapito schtick.


--Adam McDaniel's Trivia Contest '99
-In the early days of Indyfan.com, Adam brought us several hair-pulling trivia contests, donating his own time and prizes. In July 1999, he came up with the mother of them all. The winners are enshrined here for all eternity. Bow to their Indy trivia mastery! You too can obtain this rare hidden knowledge, but alas not quite so nobly. I give you Adam's questions and answers.

--Obscure Indy Trivia
-Readers of Indyfan.com reveal minutiae to amaze and delight fellow Indy fans.

--Star Wars Canyon is Ark Canyon
-Star Wars Insider tells us that the setting where moviegoers were first introduced to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars is the same place where the dastardly Rene Belloq swallowed a fly. So it wasn't the Wrath of God that killed him...

--Former Church of God Treasurer Says Hit Movie Idea was Stolen
-Someone claiming that he had the idea first, sued Lucas in 1981 for making a movie about rogueish archaeologist. Apparently, the suit was without merit.

--Temple of Doom = Raiders leftovers?
-In 1982, Lawrence Kasdan describes an idea for Raiders that was deemed "over the line". Hmm... That idea sounds vaguely familiar...

--Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Antidotes
-ScienceWeb charts new territory in triviality, analyzing the use of poisons and antidotes as a plot device.

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