. Young Indiana Jones Chronicles


The newly revised version of the book George Lucas: The Creative Impulse contains, obscured behind its highly-touted new special edition Star Wars info, a complete account of Lucas's plans for the coming release of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, now called The Adventures of Indiana Jones As a Young Man. Brian has a report.

Apparently a selection of Young Indy episodes are already available outside the US in PAL format from BetaFilm. Loren Helsey's Young Indy page provides some specifics.


The Chronicles

--Loren Helsey's Young Indiana Jones Page
--Indiana Jones Timeline
--YIJC Episode Guide
--YIJC Supplement
--The YIJC Historical Explorer
Courtesy of Dover Union Free School District

Behind the Scenes

--Inside Skywalker Ranch
-One guy's experience as an extra on the set of the Chronicles.

Young Indy Merchandise

--Young Indy CDs

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