. Fan Creations

Witness the effort fans of Indiana Jones will expend to pay tribute to their big screen hero. From writing new adventures to painting his likeness, all are encouraged to contribute their own Indy creations so everyone can enjoy them.


Fan Fiction Other Creations
--Indiana Jones and the Serpent of Evil
by walker
-In this adventure serial, Indy begins on a mission to rescue artifacts in the face of Spain's political instability, but soon becomes entangled in a deadly web of treachery and greed.
--Raiders of the Forbidden Valley
by Hannibal King
-In this adventure serial, Indy's determination to uncover the source of one man's suicidal madness leads to a potentially world-ending struggle between good and evil.
--Indiana Jones and the Golden Death
by Aaron, Mack, Mola Ram, Toht, and walker
-This story scribed by multiple authors in the Indyfan Forum takes Indy on a quest where the outcome was anyone's guess, even the authors'.
--Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur
by Michael Prentice and Steven Frye
-After a sordid history this action-packed script finds its rightful place, entertaining, rather than deceiving Indy fans. The story chronicles the endgame of a war between two secret societies, one descendant from the Knights of the Round Table and the other from Mordred's allies. Indy gets mixed up in the conflict as the evil knights pursue Excalibur, while the good knights attempt to protect it from falling in their hands. A synopsis with running commentary by walker is also available.
--The Secret of the Lost Ark
by Michael A. Aquino
-The Secret of the Lost Ark is a scholarly tale which cleverly paints the story of Raiders as factual events adapted to the silver screen. Lost in a military warehouse for decades, the ark is found by an officer who engages in a highly improbable game of what-if, which leads to an even more inconceivable truth.
--Indiana Jones and the Immortal Man
by Steve McCrary
-This short story tells of an ageless knight with a singular, diabolical purpose. To stop him Indy must return to some surprisingly familiar territory (Apparently, the grail knight's been watching "This Old Cave" religiously).
--Greg Hildebrandt, Jr.'s Indy IV
by Greg Hildebrandt, Jr.
-This as yet untitled script gives one fan's version of the final Indy sequel, taking old friends like Sallah and Henry Jones, Sr., along with some new faces, on a quest for the staff of Moses.
--Indiana Jones and the Napkin Affair
by Joe Frese
-Originally intended for the second issue of the ill-fated Indiana Jones Fan Club Newsletter, this short story proves that Indy doesn't have to adventure to exotic locales to find trouble.

--Egyptian Papyrus
by Indiana Magnoli
-Indiana Magnoli crafted this Raiders-inspired prop, a papyrus depicting the Ark and the bird from the Staff of Ra headpiece, framed by two manifestations of the god Ra.
--Duel Painting
by Jason Davies
-This outstanding bit of fan art mixes an action shot and portrait in a composition and quality reminiscent of Indy movie posters. A larger version is also available.
--Well Of Souls Painting
by Adam McDaniel
-Adam, a long time contributor to Indyfan.com, depicts the Well of Souls scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in this painting. Will Indy and Marion make it out alive? (You don't have to answer that... :-)
--Indy Cartoons
by Darren "Yoda Boy" Calvert
-Darren's Indy-related illustrations include: a portrait of Indy, an even better Indy portrait, Mola Ram, and Indy running from a boulder. His artwork page is, however, mostly dedicated to that other :) Lucasfilm property.
--Collins' Custom Indy Figure
by Michael Collins
-Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. Michael Collins missed out on the Kenner Indy figures the first time around, so he made his own. Michael is listed under Guest Customizers on Dan Curto's Custom Page, which is primarily focused on Star Wars custom figures.
--Sansom Indy Drawings
by Suzy Sansom
-These drawings ( My Kind of Hero | Indiana Jones | Indy | Escape from the Flying Wing ) date from Suzy's days contributing to several Harrison Ford fanzines, as well as her own Star Wars 'zine (1980-87). If anyone wishes to contact her regarding a specific piece or for possible commission, they can email her at ssansom@interx.net
--Udoiana Raunes
by Stefan Zwanzger and Thomas Wagner
-Two Guys from Germany have created two Indy-inspired games in the spirit of the old LucasArts adventures following the trevails of a German professor living in present day Germany. A third is in development.
--Indy Pencil Drawing
by Indy Magnoli
-Our prop-making friend portrays Indy in a moment of grim determination.
--Aimee's Portfolio
by Aimee Reich
-A collection of original works based on Indy (among others) can be found in Aimee's Portfolio. I'm partial to the portrait of Marion. Nice work.
--Windows 95 Indy Cursors
by Chris Yura
-Allow these Indy-themed customizations for Win95 to bring a taste of adventure to your desktop. The zip archive contains spearhead and spearhead with fedora cursors (.cur), along with an animation (.ani) of Indy's hat blowin' in the wind.

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