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Posted by Micah [] on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 12:01pm :

A fellow named Paul recently pointed out that an Amazon review of Raiders says the following:

In the cinema release of Raiders, immediately AFTER the credits, there
was a cutaway to the boxed Ark of the Covenant in the US Govt warehouse,
and the U.S. Govt brand on the box is gradually being burnt away by the
Ark. The implication (as I read it) was that the Ark no more wanted to
be held by the U.S. govt than held by the Nazis.

A search of the internet turns up many instances of this exact text. I believe this guy is misremembering, but I don't have any evidence either way. Do any of you?


P.S. I'm still around, so don't think you can go crazy with flames and arguments. So far the 'Toys McCoy' thread has skirted the line, so I'll leave it, but please try to be civil... Thanks...

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