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Posted by Goodsport from adsl-63-196-106-58.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net ( on Monday, December 12, 2005 at 12:43pm :

      Considering the latest trickle of movies that are remakes of, or are simply based on, pulp-era classics, how much of a bump in mainstream interest in the genre can we expect when Indy IV finally (hopefully) hits theaters sometime in the next few years?

      Will the young generation of whenever Indy IV is released be as excited about the film and its +60-year-old leading man as we'll be? After all, one of the reasons Peter Jackson is remaking King Kong (besides the original version having inspired him to be a filmmaker in the first place) is that "thereís a generation of children who donít like black and white movies." After all, today's youth is at least one or two generations removed from the early-1980's generation that enjoyed Raiders of the Lost Ark in theaters, many of whom had personally watched the Saturday morning serials decades earlier that the Indy franchise paid homage to.

      Then again, moviegoers had accepted Sean Connery in action roles in the past decade such as The Rock and Entrapment, playing characters in action scenes that someone his age (even then) couldn't have realistically pulled off. Hopefully the young moviegoers can accept Harrison Ford as Indy in the same way.

      What do you all think? Will Indy IV be accepted by the youth?


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